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Apple smoothie?

Article-Apple smoothie?

I don’t have $400 burning a hole in my pocket, and if I did, I probably wouldn’t blow it all on a blender.  But if I had $10,000 burning a hole in my pocket, I might blow 4 bills on a blender.  If that were the case I would definitely get a Total Blender from Blendtec.  This thing is the Darth Vader of smoothie makers.  13 amps, 1560 watts, that’s 2 horsepower in a blender.

Not really a gadget, I know.  Bear with me.  The other thing that’s cool about the Blendtec, aside from the fact that they have shoe-horned two Clydesdales into the base of the thing, is that they have produced a few videos demonstrating the power of the Total Blender.  For 400 clams you would expect that it can do the usual things, like make smoothies out of avocados, green leafy vegetables, and a McDonalds value meal.

But it can also make smoothies out of some things that probably aren’t in your smoothie lexicon.  In the “Don’t try this at home” category of “Will it Blend” videos you can see how to make an Apple smoothie out of your iPhone or iPad.  There are also recipes for a snow ski smoothie, a golf club smoothie, a glow stick smoothie, and a vuvuzela smoothieTaser smoothieCigarette lighter smoothie? Yep, all of those and more.  Watch all of them at the Will it Blend? WWW page.

Steve Ravet

Design News Gadgeteer

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