Wonder why Apple’s new headset costs so much? It’s the tech.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

March 19, 2024

Apple Vision Pro sports costly hardware.
Advanced hardware is a big reason for the Apple Vision Pro's steep price tag.iFixit

Apple’s Vision Pro AR/VR headset may be costly, but no one can doubt it is an engineering marvel. Electronics DIY and teardown site #iFixit, in the second part of its teardown on the headset,  (Part 1 explored the headset’s repairability) looks at the hardware features of this device. This advanced hardware largely accounts for the headset’s steep $3,500 price.

For one, the headset uses an advanced micro OLED display that reportedly achieves a lit area of 3660 x 3200 pixels. Another feature is a $200 battery pack that required a hammer and chisel to access. The pack comprised three stacked batteries, each rated 15.36 Wh. The headset uses an M2 system-on-chip and an R1 co-processor. The reviewer noted that despite the robust processor setup, there’s still lag when the user moves around.

The iFixit reviewer further comments on the headset’s repairability, or lack thereof. He noted the front glass and OLED panel is unrepairable, and the aforementioned battery pack is difficult to access. Overall, the Vision Pro scores far less than a stellar 4 out of 10 for repairability, and the reviewer did not expect Apple to provide repair manuals for the headset.

You can watch the video #here.

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