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Electric Car Adoption Will Be Slow, Says Nissan Chief

DN Staff

November 21, 2009

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Electric Car Adoption Will Be Slow, Says Nissan Chief

Nissan and Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn said today that adoption of electric vehicles will be a slow and gradual process, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

Ghosn, who has spearheaded Nissan’s effort to go with battery-powered electric vehicles instead of hybrids, said that traditional gasoline-powered cars would continue to dominate the market for many years. He predicted that about 10% of vehicles sold worldwide by 2020 would be powered by electricity.

“We’re not going to take the market by storm,” Ghosn said. “Electricity is going to complement oil.”

Nissan’s Leaf electric vehicle is currently on a multi-city tour of the U.S. On the tour, Ghosn has said that more than 25,000 people signed up on Nissan’s web site expressing interest in the vehicle, according to the AP.

Ghosn’s view of the electric car market could be considered optimistic by comparison to a study recently released by Lux Research. The Lux study contends that if oil remains at $70 per barrel, electric vehicles will be just 3% of global new car sales by 2020.

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