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DesignCon 2018 Best Paper Awards Honor More Than 50 Engineering Professionals

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DesignCon, premier event for chip, board, and systems design engineers, announces the top rated papers from the 2018 conference. DesignCon 2019 Call for Abstracts Opens Mid-May 2018.

DesignCon, the premier conference for chip, board and systems design engineers in the high-speed communications and semiconductor communities, announces the recipients of its 2018 Best Paper Awards.

DesignCon Paper Awards recognize outstanding contributions to the educational goals of the DesignCon program. Papers were judged both on the merits of the written document and on the quality of their presentation at the DesignCon conference

The first step of the selection process was a review of the 82 full-length papers accepted for the 2018 program. Members of the DesignCon Technical Program Committee (TPC), which is comprised of more than 90 leading experts in the electronic design space, ranked all submitted papers based on quality, relevance, impact, originality, and lack of commercial content. Based on these rankings, the TPC co-chairpersons for each track recommended the papers that they felt merited the honor of being a DesignCon Best Paper Award finalist. The first-round finalists were judged based on attendee feedback, collected at DesignCon 2018, on the impact of their presentation.

The 2018 winning papers cover three categories of design: Board/System-Level Design, Serial Link Design, and Power & RF Design. A list of the winners is below. See the 2018 and previous Best Paper Award winners on the DesignCon website.

Congratulations to these 2018 Best Paper Award winners and to all of the 2018 finalists. You can see the 2018 awards presentation during DesignCon 2019, January 29-31.

DesignCon 2018 Best Paper Award Winners

Board/System-Level Design

“16Gb/s and Beyond with Single-Ended I/O in High-Performance Graphics Memory”

Tim Hollis, Micron Technology,

Salman Jiva, Micron Semiconductor Products

Martin Brox, Micron Semiconductor

Wolfgang Spirkl, Micron Semiconductor

Thomas Hein, Micron Semiconductor

Dave Ovard, Micron Technology,

Roy Greeff, Micron Technology,

Dan Lin, Micron Technology,

Michael Richter, Micron Semiconductor

Peter Mayer, Micron Semiconductor

Walt Moden, Micron Technology,

Maksim Kuzmenka, Micron Semiconductor

Mani Balakrishnan, Micron Semiconductor

Milena Ivanov, Micron Semiconductor

Manfred Plan, Micron Semiconductor

Marcos Alvarez Gonzalez, Micron Semiconductor

Bryce Gardiner, Micron Technology,

Dong Soon Lim, Micron Technology,

“Statistical-Based RE DCD Jitter Analysis in High Speed NAND Flash Memory”

Sayed Mobin, Western Digital
Cindy Cui, Keysight Technologies

Serial-Link Design

A Study of Forward Error Correction Codes for SAS Channel”

Haitao (Tony) Xia, Broadcom Ltd

Haotian Zhang, Broadcom Ltd

Aravind Nayak, Broadcom Ltd

Bruce Wilson, Broadcom Ltd

Jun Yao, Etopus

Effective Link Equalizations using FIR, CTLE, FFE, DFE, and FEC for Serial Links at 112 Gbps and Beyond”

Hsinho Wu, Intel

Masashi Shimanouchi, Intel

Mike Peng Li, Intel

“Efficient Sensitivity-Aware Assessment of High-Speed Links Using PCE and Implications for COM”

Torsten Reuschel, Hamburg University of Technology

Ömer Yildiz, Hamburg University of Technology

Jayaprakash Balachandran, Cisco Systems

Cristian Filip, Mentor Graphics

Nitin Bhagwath, Mentor Graphics

Bidyut Sen, Cisco Systems

Christian Schuster, Hamburg University of Technology

“Feedforward Equalizer Location Study for High Speed Serial Systems”

Kevin Zheng, Stanford University

Boris Murmann, Stanford University

Hongtao Zhang, Xilinx

Geoff Zhang, Xilinx

Power & RF Design

“40 GHz PCB Interconnect Validation: Expectations vs Reality”

Marko Marin, Infinera
Yuriy Shlepnev, Simberian

“A Causal Conductor Roughness Model and its Effect on Transmission Line Characteristics”

Vladimir Dmitriev-Zdorov, Mentor Graphics

Bert Simonovich, Lamsim Enterprises

Igor Kochikov, Mentor Graphics

“A NIST Traceable PCB Kit for Evaluating the Accuracy of De-Embedding Algorithms and Corresponding Metrics”

Heidi Barnes, Keysight Technologies

Eric Bogatin, Teledyne LeCroy

José Moreira, Advantest

Jason Ellison, The Siemon Company

Jim Nadolny, Samtec

Ching-Chao Huang, Ataitec

Mikheil Tsiklauri, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Se-Jung Moon, Intel

Volker Herrmann, Rohde and Schwarz

Accurate and Fast RFI Prediction Based on Dipole Moment Sources and Reciprocity

Qiaolei Huang, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Takashi Enomoto, Sony Global Manufacturing and Operations

Shingo Seto, Sony Global Manufacturing and Operations

Kenji Araki, Sony Global Manufacturing and Operations

Jun Fan, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Chulsoon Hwang, Missouri University of Science and Technology

See previous Best Paper Award winners on the DesignCon website.

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