NEi Explicit Software

DN Staff

April 9, 2010

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NEi Explicit Software

NEi Explicitsolves nonlinear impact problems that involve large deformations with complexcontact and motion. Typical applications include crash, metal formingprocesses, drop tests and ballistic scenarios. NEi Explicit can also be used tosolve static problems with millions of degrees of freedom. Because they areextremely large and highly contact dominated, these problems are difficult tosolve using implicit FEA codes. It is completelyintegrated with the NEi Nastran environment, making the learning process mucheasier for Nastran users who are transitioning to an explicit solver. ExistingNastran users can directly analyze a Nastran implicit model in the NEi Explicitsolver without any changes to the analysis file. The explicit architecturelends itself to highly scalable parallel performance, and large deformationcontact solutions with highly nonlinear material behavior. NEi Explicitprovides analysts with automatic contact generation, rigid materialsdefinition, material deletion criteria with element deletion, and automaticreconstruction of contact surface due to surface erosion.

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