April 20, 1998

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April 20, 1998 Design News


Hot Spots in Cyberspace

by Paula Porter, Internet Editor

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Control a robot Down Under

At Telerobot (telerobot.mech.uwa.edu.au) on the web, users can move the robot. This demonstration of remote operation and programming of the industrial robot links users to the six-axis robot. Users receive still video images of the robot's workspace and can move its gripper in x, y, z, roll, pitch, and yaw. The user then gets a new picture. The site also offers a VRML model of the robot, simulations of the robot including movies made with AutoCAD 3D Studio, and a discussion area.

Training in Plastics

Interactive training programs, including a basic series, production series, advanced processing series, extrusion series, blow molding, plastic part design series, safety series, maintenance series and SPC/DOE series, can be found at www.plastics-training.com, the web site of A. Routsis Associates. The web site features more than 85 CD-ROM training programs and a downloadable demo.

Online motion control catalog

Parker Hannifin Corporation's Compu-motor Division web site at www.compumotor.com features technical information, specifications, schematic drawings and technical support on the company's motion control products. Also on the site are recent issues of the company's Making Moves newsletter, free software offers, and a training schedule for engineers.

Knowledge is power

Ivex Design International recently launched their Knowledge Base web site. The database has frequently asked questions about the company's Windowsr-based EDA software, as well as downloads of demo versions of WinBoard PCB, WinDraft Schematic Capture, Spectra Autorouter, and other CAD software. Their tech support center on the site offers bug and workaround documentation for their software, as well as application tips in the Better Route newsletter at www.ivex.com.

Wells Aluminum hits the web

Wells Aluminum's web site has an aluminum primer listing the advantages of using aluminum, extrusion, case histories and design ideas. For a challenge, there is a Design Ideas puzzle where visitors to the site can guess what the extruded shapes are. Check the site out at www.wells-aluminum.com.

Check out NetBuy

NetBuy at www.NetBuy.com allows real time selling of parts to OEMs and electronic manufacturing service providers. NetBuy is populated with combined inventory data downloaded daily from multiple distributors. When you query for a part, the system gives you the best price for the available quantity and puts you in contact with the distributor that can fulfill each line item based on objective criteria. Pricing is based on quantity.

You 'auto' find a job

Looking for a job in the automotive industry just got easier. AutoRecruiterTM (www.autorecruiter.com) is a new approach to online recruiting/job hunting. It brings together candidates and employers in one place. Candidates can enter their resumes or search for a job. Employers can then check out prospective candidates. The site even features verbal instructions to get you going. Organizations working with AutoRecruiter include the Society of Automotive Engineers, National Society of Professional Engineers, Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation at the University of Michigan, and others.

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