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Compact power supply boosts lifetime, efficiency

Compact power supply boosts lifetime, efficiency

WAGO's 2A, 24V dc power supply (output power of 48W) is the latest addition to its range of DIN-rail mountable switch mode power supplies (including 5A (120W) and 10A (240W) versions). With a universal voltage range of 85 to 264V ac and an efficient input filter, the supply can connect to most voltage sources. The output is electronically protected against shorting and features automatic restart. Efficiency is 85%.

Device ambient temperatures range from -25 to 50C without derating, even in the compact package (38 x 90 x 108 mm) geared for standard industrial applications.

"The technology keys to the supply were being able to package modern switching technology in a cost-effective package which has a cage-clamp terminal block for a high-reliability connection," according to Charles Cook, WAGO technical product manager. "We were able to package and cool the electronics in a molded housing that can be produced in high volume to cut manufacturing cost."

Cook also cites a mean time between failure of about 400,000 hours. To achieve that number, he notes WAGO engineers provided many holes in the housing to allow convective cooling. Within the housing, the designers placed the capacitors, traditionally an Achilles heel, at the bottom of the supply where the air enters in order to keep them the coolest. The heat producing switching transistors and inductors are at the top to facilitate drawing air through the housing.

The power supplies meet UL 1950, CAN/CSA C 22.2 No. 950-95, and IEC/EN 60 950.

Additional Details...WAGO Corp., N120 W19129 Freistadt Rd., Box 1015, Germantown, WI 53022; Tel: (800) DIN-RAIL; , or Enter 594.

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