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September 20 - Day 1 – Base Configuration Setup: Hardware and Software

Webinar Information
Start Date: Sep 20, 2021 - 06:00 PM UTC

We begin the lecture series by establishing a baseline Raspberry Pi 4B hardware and software configuration. Today, we will load our Raspberry Pi 4B with the latest Linux operating system software. Once the Raspberry Pi 4B Linux image installation is completed, we will then install all of the necessary IoT development applications and libraries.

Upon completion of the Raspberry Pi 4B software installation, we will turn our attention to the host Linux personal computer. The Linux-based host personal computer will run under the control of Ubuntu. We will install all of the necessary cross compilers, libraries, and applications to support firmware development for the Raspberry Pi 4B on the host Linux personal computer. The Linux host installation process will include the installation, setup, and configuration of the latest version of the Eclipse IDE.

Hardware base configuration will revolve around the installation of a Pi 4 click shield. All of the necessary jumpers on the Pi 4 click shield will be properly placed before mounting the Pi 4 click shield on top of the Raspberry Pi 4B.

Verification of the base hardware and software configuration will be performed via code produced within the Eclipse IDE cross compilation environment.