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In Brief

In Brief

The PICO-AMPTM ultra-miniature remote photoelectric sensing system from Banner Engineering consists of a modulated amplifier that clips to a 35-mm DIN rail and ultra-small, diffuse or op-posed-mode remote sensors that fit and function in tight locations. The amplifier includes a four-position switch to select variable modulation frequencies. Applications include wafer handling, small parts sensing, pharmaceuticals, and other applications with space limitations.

The Marathon SeriesTM infrared thermometers from Raytek Corp. feature a multidrop configuration, which lets users install up to 32 thermometer sensors in a single RS-485 LAN. A data communication protocol helps users integrate temperature data with their own communication systems. Both two- and four-wire RS-485 configurations are supported in polled mode, and temperature data can be transmitted up to 4,000 ft at 38.4 kbaud.

The Zoom 100D micro optical system from Optem Int'l delivers a 10:1 zoom range with a minimum target resolution of 300 line pairs/mm. The system provides extreme accuracy throughout the zoom range, the company says. The Zoom 100D optical system also offers a working distance of 89 mm and a magnification range of 0.62 to 6.23.

Accelerometer from Endevco measures 1/2 3 1/4 inch and weighs 4 gm. The accelerometer features built-in electronics and operates off of a 12V battery, targeting the instrument for field use. A magnetic mounting allows users to stick the accelerometers on anything metal without screws or adhesives.

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