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In Brief

COLIBRI "intelligent" stepping motor from MESA Systems Co. decentralizes positioning and indexing operations from a central controller. Integrating a stepping motor, driver, controller, programmable memory, power supply, I/O, and databus into one compact device, the actuator requires only a "start" command to sequentially execute up to 20 programmed operation records. Records include length, acceleration, speed, and record repetition.

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Cool Muscle from MyoStat Motion Control Inc. is an integrated, closed-loop servo system that combines a stepping motor, a full computer controller, amplifier, power management, and a magnetic position sensor. A 32-bit RISC processor with 128k of memory allows the inclusion of custom software directly in the motor, creating a stand-alone actuator for mechanism designers. Up to 128 Cool Muscles can be daisy-chained together to form a synchronized motion control system.

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Animatics Corp. has added multi-axis-contouring capability to its line of SmartMotors(TM)that combines a servomotor, controller, amplifier, encoder, and a PLC. This contouring capability allows an RS-485 network of SmartMotors to perform motion profiles as complex as multi-axis splines, or as simple as circular interpolation. CAD and G-Code host interfaces can turn a laptop computer and three SmartMotors into a complete 3-axis CNC control system on the back of the machine, without a NEMA cabinet.

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MotorCube from Whedco Inc. , a subsidiary of GE Fanuc Automation, provides the power of a stepping motor, drive, control, and on-board DeviceNet connectivity in one compact package. MotorCube is available in torque levels from 50 to 175 oz-inches, and can be used with up to 63 other industrial devices on a single network.

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