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Bishop Wisecarver's Integrated QuickTrak Extrusion

Bishop Wisecarver's Integrated QuickTrak Extrusion

Special profile slots have been designed into aluminum extrusions to provide a fastenerless approach to installing Bishop-Wisecarver Tracks, which are used in linear guide systems. The slots feature multiple angled fingers, which deflect to accommodate the track as it is forced into the slot. This method of assembly results in tight coherent fits between the tracks and extrusion slots. When two opposing tracks are installed using this approach, track parallelism is guaranteed. This parallelism is necessary for the subsequent installation of a wheel plate, which rides on the tracks. The skillful work to fabricate and setup parallel track surfaces has been eliminated. Extrusions can be tailored to accommodate any of the four standard sizes of Bishop-Wisecarver track to meet the customer's load and size requirements. Since the slot's fingers deflect during track insertion, variations in the extrusion slot width, or track thickness, can be readily accommodated. This results in consistent interference fits of the tracks within the extrusion's slots. Bishop-Wisecarver Track is traditionally mounted to substrates using fasteners. This requires the track to be pre-drilled, or drilled and threaded, dependent on the customer's mounting preference. Multiple fasteners are required and the setup to achieve track parallelism requires skilled adjustment. The integrated QuickTrak system eliminates the use of fasteners and drilled holes in track with associated cost savings. Furthermore, the parallelism between opposing tracks is guaranteed by virtue of the track's reference shoulder, which is positioned against the top edge of the extrusion's slot. Variations in product dimensions can be accommodated without affecting the interference fit and track retention characteristics.

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