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Direct-drive linear motors are general purpose

Direct-drive linear motors are general purpose

By taking advantage of new manufacturing processes that reduce cost while improving performance, Kollmorgen Motion Technologies Group has introduced a new line of standard-model, direct-drive linear motors. Evolved from customer-specific designs, the PlatinumTM Direct Drive Linear (DDL) Series will replace traditional mechanical assemblies such as belts and pulleys, ball screws, racks and pinions. The consistent demand for linear motors across a wide range of markets," comments Director of Engineering John Floresta, "is requiring that these motors become standard general-purpose devices that are less costly, have the highest possible performance, and are easier to implement, both mechanically and electronically."

To achieve these objectives, the Platinum DDL Series motors consist of two constructions. The Ironcore motors feature a high-rated force-per-frame size, and a patented anti-cogging design without the need for magnet skewing. Peak force of the Ironcore motor is 300 to 8000N (67 to 1800 lb-force). Alternately, the ironless motors have no attractive force between the coil and magnet components. They also exhibit zero cogging for smooth operation. Peak force of the ironless motor is 120 to 800N (27 to 180 lb-force).

Matching the Platinum DDL with Kollmorgen's ServostarTM digital amplifier," Floresta adds, "ensures maximum system performance."

Kollmorgen Motion Technologies Group, 201 Rock Rd., Radford, VA 24141, 540-633-4124.

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