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Triumph Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X bring big-bike technology to the entry level.

Dan Carney

June 28, 2023

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As Triumph’s signature nostalgia models have grown in size, power, and cost, they’ve left a spot at the low end of the market for the company to introduce a pair of new single-cylinder, 400cc starter models that incorporate the finish and amenities of the brand’s costlier bikes.

This means that the bikes will not only appeal to beginners but also to experienced riders who appreciate the merits of light weight and maneuverability, as Triumph is reviving single-cylinder models after decades of producing the brand's signature Twin and Triple bikes.

Triumph is doing this in partnership with India's Bajaj Auto, which has extensive experience building lightweight motorcycles in India. Bajaj will build the Triumph bikes for the Indian market and for export. Triumph will build them at its factory in Thailand for that country's huge motorcycle market and also for export. Triumph will also build the bikes at its Brazillian plant exclusively for that market. Triumph 400s sold in the U.S. will come from both India and Thailand when the bikes go on sale here next year.

The bikes' TR-Series 398cc single-cylinder engine is rated at 39.5 horsepower and employs a four-valve head and liquid cooling. The transmission is a six-speed.

Each model gets its own specific frame design, so the Scrambler isn't just a redecorated Speed. They both use a bolt-on rear subframe and a cast aluminum swingarm.

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Both bikes roll on 17-inch rear wheels, but the Scrambler has a larger 19-inch front wheel while the Speed's front wheel is 17 inches. They employ cast aluminum wheels with premium Metzler tires.

A key aspect of premium motorcycles is their safety equipment, and in keeping with the positioning of these bikes, Triumph is including both anti-lock brakes and Bosch traction control as standard equipment in both models.

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