NTT Indy 500 Data Powers an Innovative New Simulator

NTT’s Embodied Knowledge-powered sim rig promises the actual feel of racing at Indy.

Dan Carney, Senior Editor

May 23, 2024

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The NTT Embodied Knowledge-powered simulator promises to deliver the experience of this Honda Performance Development professional simulator.
The NTT Embodied Knowledge-powered simulator promises to deliver the experience of this Honda Performance Development professional simulator.Dan Carney

At a Glance

  • 140 sensors per car
  • 8 billion data points for analysis
  • 15 in-car cameras

NTT Data is pouring its data analysis capabilities into the Indianapolis 500, thanks to information gathered from more than 140 sensors on each of the race cars that provide a combined eight billion data points.

The NTT Smart Solutions Platform applies AI and predictive analytics to provide real-time insights and visualizations for fans. It highlights critical passes, race strategies, and predicted race results.

“We work with the world’s leading enterprises in complex sectors, yet few organizations produce as much real-time data and analytics as NTT Indycar Series racing teams and venues,” noted Eric Clark, CEO, NTT Data, North America.

Very much like the way engine suppliers Honda and Chevrolet temper their engineers in the fire of live competition to improve the products they later work on back at headquarters, NTT finds that the glare of the Indycar spotlight is useful for testing its capabilities under pressure.  

“Partnering with Indycar helps us explore and pressure test our offerings in intense real-time settings,” Clark said. “We use those learnings to help our clients innovate and transform their operations, improve sustainability, leverage AI and enhance customer experiences.” 


The most attention-getting application for this gathered data is NTT’s Embodied Knowledge technology, which provides driving simulators with a more realistic recreation of the racing experience. The company says that its simulator provides more realistic feedback through the steering wheel and seat, synchronized with the driver’s augmented reality goggles.

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“The Indianapolis 500 is the pinnacle of racing that leverages refined Embodied Knowledge where firsthand the movements of racers can be felt to understand what Embodied Knowledge truly means,” said Kota Hidaka, Vice President, Head of NTT Human Informatics Laboratories. “Through various sensing technologies, we aim to technically recreate these movements and sensations.”

That ability to recreate movements and sensations has other applications that NTT is pursuing, including surgical training, sports coaching, and fan experiences. There are additional possibilities in retail, education, and manufacturing, as AI robots can learn from the way humans perform tasks.

This year’s Indy 500 race attendees can even benefit from NTT’s real-time data analysis, as the company is providing on-site fans with live information on wait times in lines over the facility’s 600 acres. “NTT DATA has delivered meaningful improvements to operations at Indianapolis Motor Speedway through their NTT Smart Venue technology, driving new levels of safety, security, and efficiency for 300,000 fans in the stands, while also supplying real-time data feeds into race control as well as our Indycar App powered by NTT Data.” said Roger Penske, Chairman of Penske Corporation, which owns Indycar and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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