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J.D. Power's annual survey looks back at the reliability of 2020 model cars over the last three years.

Dan Carney

February 10, 2023

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J.D. Power & Co. is back with its annual survey of the most dependable cars for 2023. Rather than an evaluation of current models, this is a look back at the dependability demonstrated by 2020 cars and trucks over the last three years of use.

We’ve built a slide show highlighting the top-finishing vehicles in each of the product classes identified by J.D. Power, showing the top three except in cases where there were fewer than three contestants.

This year's results mark a bit of a return to form for some industry giants, as Toyota, General Motors, and BMW grabbed all the spots not occupied by recent favorite, Kia.

This year's industry average Problems Per 100 vehicles (PP100) is 186, which marks an improvement of six compared to last year's average.

Lexus was the highest-scoring brand, with 133 PP100, followed by Hyundai luxury brand Genesis at 144, Kia at 152, Buick at 159, and Chevrolet at 162 to round out the top five brands.

One interesting factor highlighted by the survey is the demise of the sedan category, as none of the top-finishing midsize cars are even offered by their manufacturers for 2023 and JD Power dropped the Large Car, Midsize Sporty Car, and Midsize Premium Car categories from this year's survey. The top-ranked Small SUV and Midsize Premium SUV models tied in first place for the most dependable vehicles in the survey.


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