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E-learning CAD course

19th complete course

An e-learning course for PTC's Pro/MECHANICA(R) simulation software is available to learn the program's capabilities in testing structural, thermal, and dynamic performance. The COACH for MECHANICA e-learning course introduces the major functions of the software in 32-40 hours. Users advance at their own pace and can train alongside the program online. CADTRAIN Inc. Enter 603

3D subsystem

Creates tapered surfaces, radii

3D ACIS modeler vR11 includes subsystem design improvements including hold line blending, taper definitions, increased facetter performance, stitching by coincident face detection, and 3D interoperational translators. Deformable modeling features include advanced covering that fits surfaces into circuits, creation of non-planar boundaries, and individual specification of boundary continuity. Spatial Enter 604

CAD/CAM translator

Translates parasolids

A pair of CATIA(R) v5 translators is available: IGES/CATv5 for IGES translations and PS/CATv5 for parasolid translations. Each works independently and requires no licensing. They operate in Windows(R) and include translation filters that enable selective data translation. The software maps all CATIA 3D space entities to their equivalents in the respective programs. CADCAM-E Enter 605

Application framework

Supports vertex parameters

HOOPS 3D application framework v9.0 offers features like advanced XML animation data capabilities and shadow support. XML animation is used in CAE post-processing, simulation, training, and maintenance applications. Also included in version 9 are a hidden line removal algorithm, more control of NURBS surface tessellation, cap geometry support, and LODS textures support. Tech Soft America, Enter 606

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