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Include office data and non-engineer access

Two software products designed to support Autodesk Inventor(R) 7 enable manufacturers to control technology-related data through the phases of the design process. AutoManager(R) Meridian 2003b and AutoManager TeamWork 2003 provide engineering document management in Inventor 7. The products allow non-engineers to access information, while allowing engineers to include office data in their projects. Features include an enhanced office client, document type security, and reserved licensing at a central location. Cyco Software, Enter 614


FAST 3D CAD product

Boost CAD speed using SpaceMouse(R) Plus, an input device shipped free with the purchase of the company's CAD software product. Reportedly reducing design time by up to 30%, SpaceMouse Plus helps reduce mouse movement by 50% over standard mice and reduces discomfort for users. Ironcad LLC, Enter 615


Predicts sound scattering

SYSNOISE simulates flow-induced noise and turbulence using the results of computational fluid dynamics, the company reports. A module in SYSNOISE v5.6 calculates noise, solves flow equations by coupling with standard codes like Fluent and Star-CD, and computes the radiated noise using BEM or FEM solvers. Applications include wind noise from vehicle side mirrors, high-speed train turbulence, and ventilation fan noise in HVAC equipment. LMS N. America, Enter 616


Generate filtered representations

Capital Logic(TM), a software system for the design of wire and harness systems, is a data-centric software tool that automates the generation of schematics and reduces errors in engineering tasks. Features include the Capital Manager(TM) relational database for ECAD management; synthesis technology that generates graphical views directly from underlying data; and simplified capture of functional and physical schematics by eliminating data re-entry. Mentor Graphics, Enter 617


Additional surface entities

CADporter v8 offers rapid translation of geometry between major CAD systems, according to the company. Designers can access data from foreign systems, translate to the native system, and share and reuse data. CADporter 8 supports CATIA v5r9, I-deas 9 and 10, ParaSolid v14, SolidWorks 2003, and UG NX v1. Features include additional wire frame and surface entity support; surface visualization attributes such as transparency values; user-controlled healing; and an improved license server interface. Elysium Enter 618


Advanced shape designs

Products can be designed faster using a combination of reverse engineering and lifecycle management tools, the company claims. The industrial design product suite, which includes thinkdesign and thinkshape, offers Raindrop Geomagic reverse engineering capability. The combination features software that allows mass customization and automated processing. think3, Enter 619


Operates in Windows, Linux, Sun

ST-Developer v10 is a suite of STEP and EXPRESS programming tools for reading, viewing, and sharing STEP data. The tools help automate over 70% of the implementation process, the company reports. Features include ACIS and ParaSolid bi-directional data translators; an enhanced EXPRESS-to-HTML converter for short filenames and links; an expanded ROSE library; and a STEP index library for NC programming. STEP Tools Enter 620


Complete visualization, collaboration

iBaan for PLM is a set of integrated software solutions for managing production activities. Available in the company's PLM solution, iBaan includes AutoVue, which offers viewing, markup and collaboration capabilities. The tools reportedly capture data at any stage in the development process. Supported CAD formats include CATIA, Unigraphics, Pro/ENGINEER, JT, Inventor, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Cadence Allegro, and more. Cimmetry Systems Inc., Enter 621


Advanced machine design

Created for mechanical and electrical engineers, Inventor Professional v7 provides advanced tools for machinery design, the company reports. Features include cable and wire harness design, 3D tube and pipe design, multiple 2D sheets, password support, print-ready format, single publish format for all design tools, and PCB import capability. A subscription program is available. Autodesk Inc., Enter 622

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