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CAM Software

3D milling wizard, tool manager

FeatureCAM 2004, the latest release of the company's manufacturing design software, reportedly offers easy-to-use tools and advanced CAD functions. Features include automatic recognition, direct model transfer for CAD files, and the FeatureMILL3D cutting strategy wizard, which leads users through strategies for roughing and finishing milled parts. SolidWorks(R) and Autodesk(R) Inventor functions for transfer of part models are supported in FeatureCAM. Engineering Geometry Systems Enter 623

Single board computer

400 or 533 MHz bus support

The SBC-F9000V2G single-board computer supports Intel's Xeon(R) processor, for high-speed telecom and ISP applications. It is reportedly one of the fastest SBCs available, operating with an mPGA604 ZIF CPU socket, and is built with Intel's E7500 or E7501 chipset. Features include a full-size CPU card, a watchdog timer for system reset, built-in IDE interface supporting four IDE devices, and an integrated ATI M6 VGA controller.Arista Corp., Enter 624

Translator interface

Links Cadence Allegro(R)

AnsoftLinks(TM) v2.5 is an interface for Cadence Virtuoso(R) digital and analog IC layout editor, with added support for Mentor Graphics(R) Board Station(R), Cadence Allegro(R) and Synopsis(R) Encore. The interface helps export circuit layer cells to the company's electromagnetic analysis products. The system streamlines the design of on-chip passive devices, the company says. Ansoft Corp., Enter 625

NASTRAN product

Finite element analysis

MSC.Nastran 2004, a simulation and finite element analysis software product, is used to simulate stress and loads on mechanical systems. The 2004 release features include non-linear simulation, NVH and optimization, rotor dynamics, enhanced large model performance, spot weld, and acoustics. Applications include the analysis of spot welds on total body automobile models. MSC.Software, Enter 626

Modeled collision detection

Specific modeling solution

D-Cubed's collision detection manager is incorporated into the latest thinkdesign software. The CAD/CAM program for industrial machinery companies helps detect potential flaws earlier in the design process. Collision detection is based on algorithms designed to compute clearances and collisions between accurate solids, and works in interactive assembly environments. The program can be used with the company's constraint manager for error-reduction. think3, Enter 627

Imaging toolbox

Reduce development cycles

Advanced tool for imaging applications are available in the Image Acquisition Toolbox and Image Processing Toolbox 4. Based on MATLAB, the tools offer dedicated solutions to imaging problems using an interface to industry-standard frame grabbers and video devices. The tools stream live data into the programming environment, enabling faster integration and reaction to results. Applications include the defense and semiconductor industries. MathWorks Enter 628

Vehicle applications

Improved crash analysis

Two companies have partnered to produce applications for full vehicle modeling, trimming, and processing for crash, noise, and vibration in the automotive industry. LMS International and T-Systems Int. GmbH will release Virtual.Lab applications for support of crash analysis. T-Systems makes analysis modeling tools, while LMS provides the Virtual.Lab backbone, which is a single environment for end-to-end vehicle and body engineering. LMS International, Enter 629

Inspection retrofit software

Easily understood printed formats

Delcam and Renishaw will collaborate to offer a retrofit solution for companies that need to improve their inspection facilities. The product will be based on Delcam's powerINSPECT software and Renishaw's UCC controller. It will help upgrade coordinate measuring machines for the inspection of prototypes, tooling, and sample parts. The retrofit tool will simplify the process and save money that would be spent on new equipment, the companies report. Delcam, Enter 630

Interoperability software

Automotive specialists

Collaboration Gateway(TM) v2.5 offers advanced enterprise architecture for large deployments, submits and exchanges reports, validates modeling features, and facilitates the selective export of parts or components of parts. According to reports, new additions improve scalability, fail-over, and persistence of the server. The gateway exchanges CAD models with CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER, and others. Proficiency, Inc., Enter 631

CAD/CAM system

Creates uniform tool paths

SURFCAM 2003 includes the ability to associate manufacturing software, including 2- through 5-axis machining, turning, and wire EDM. The product's 3D tool offers advanced finishing capabilities, calculating the tool path based on the part's surface. Features include automatic alerts of changes made to the model, importing solid models, and special milling settings for chamfers and O-ring grooves. Surfware, Enter 632

Content, change software

Track, search serial numbers

Mid-market electronic, medical, and mechanical OEMs are target users of Omnify v2.5, a product lifecycle management tool that provides a complete view of the development process. As the process becomes more diverse and complex, companies need better communication and collaboration. The tool features an enhanced bill of materials function, an improved permissions engine, a field service module, and an extended workflow engine, providing a central location for managing all data. Omnify Software, Enter 633

Application framework

Accurately removes hidden lines

The HOOPS/3dAF v9 application framework features LODS supporting textures, a hidden line removal algorithm, shadow support, and cap geometry support. Version 9 offers authoring of animation data in XML, sophisticated control over NURBS surface tessellation, and an intuitive behaviors specification. Shadow support, for faux shadows, automatically regenerates the shadow if a geometry is changed or added. Tech Soft America, Enter 634

Fluid dynamics tool

Physics pre-processor

CFX-5, a program that helps access computational fluid dynamics information, is available in v5.6. Features include a coupled multi-grid solver, parallel efficiency, turbomachinery-specific post-processing, and an innovative physics pre-processor, the company reports. The physics engine simplifies simulation set-up and offers faster definition than previous versions. Applications include industrial pump cavitation suppression and various HVAC uses. Ansys, Enter 635

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