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Product News

Integrated actuator

GS40 linear actuators combine a brushless servomotor, an inverted roller screw, and an encoder/resolver feedback source into a single compact assembly. The 99-mm frame size unit offers a range of strokes from 152 to 457 mm, continuous force ratings up to 5,337N, and linear velocities to 635 mm/sec. According to the company, the brushless servo design allows them to be used in state-of-the-art, closed-loop servo systems where electronic control of positioning and velocity is required.

Exlar Corp. , 1470 Lake Drive W., Chanassen, MN 55317;


AutoLog(R)14K embedded micro PLCs are designed for the automation of machines and equipment. The controller has a display and keyboard integrated in a single HMI configuration, with 4 to 8 digital inputs and 4 to 7 digital outputs, 1 analog input, Pt1000, mV, and 4 to 20 mA. The controller also includes an RS-232 port, the MODBUS RTU protocol, I/O expansion bus, and GSM/SMS support.

FF-Automation Oy ; Erakuja 2, Vantaa, Finland 01600; FAX 358 9 530 63130;


One piece Reli-a-Flex couplings are designed to provide accurate transfer of motion between two rotating shafts, while at the same time adjusting for parallel and angular misalignment. According to the company, this line differentiates itself with its patented slot design, which maintains a constant pivot length to minimize stress variations. Also, the pivot points travel backward and forward without changing the center piece angle uniform stress levels and accurate angular rotation. Reliance Gear Co. Ltd. , Rowley Mills Penistone Rd., Huddersfield, Lepton, England HD8 OLE; FAX +44 1484 601001; .


These analog encoders have a 4- to 20-mA interface. A current signal between 4 and 20 mA, proportional to the angular position of 0 to 360 degrees , is reportedly given by the encoder with the unit size of 58 mm and a 10- or 12-mm shaft. The sensor part and interface are constructed to be galvanically isolated.

Fritz Kubler GmbH; Zahl-und Sensortechnik, Schubertstrabe 47, VS-Schwennigen, Germany D-78054; .

Gear pumps

These positive-displacement self-priming gear pumps are primarily designed for accurate metering, dispensing, or transferring of fluids. Their modular design reportedly allows a wide variation of flow ranges with a standard parts set-with flow rates ranging to 1.01 gpm and pressures to 240 psi.

Gorman-Rupp Industries , 180 Hines Ave., Bellville, OH 44813; .

Acrylic copolymer

Oroglas(R)327 is an impact acrylic copolymer for the injection molding of transparent high-impact components used in interior equipment. Characteristics include slightly higher impact resistance than transparent ABS, excellent mechanical properties maintained at temperatures down to -20C, and high fluidity, as well as U.S. pharmacopoeia USP VI classification.

ATOFINA , 4 cours Michelet La Defense 10, Cedex 42, Paris, France 92091; FAX +33 1 49 00 52 67.

Pressure transducers

Pressure sensors and transducers provide gauge, absolute, and differential pressure ranges from 0 to 1,000 psi. Operating from a 5V dc regulated power supply, the devices provide an amplified 0.5 to 4.5V dc signal output. The sensors can be specified with a choice of electrical and pressure connector options as well as a variety of materials such as brass, stainless steel, and plastic composite.

Kavlico , 14501 Los Angeles Ave., Moorpark, CA 93021; FAX (805) 523-7125;


An alternative to right-angle fittings, formed elbow tubing is cut to the required length on each side of the elbow and installed with the appropriate fittings. The tubing comes in PEEK and FEP Teflon(R)extruded to 1/16- and 1/8-inch ODs, with varying inner diameters.

Upchurch Scientific , 619 W. Oak St., Oak Harbor, WA 98277-1529; FAX (800) 359-3460;


The UniverSeal shaft seal is a standard feature of a broad line of rotary-gear positive-displacement pumps. The seal design enables these pumps to accept lip seals, mechanical seals, or packing gland shaft seals instead of just one seal type.

Haight Pumps , 133 Enterprise St., Evansville, WI 53536; FAX (608) 882-3777;


The MGT Mixing Granulator is designed for pharmaceutical applications that require GMP standards. It handles capacities from 8 to 320 gallons and mixes dry and wet materials. A wide variety of optional equipment can be fitted inside the mixer's vertical-walled chambers to adapt to different processes. Available options include recipe administration and process visualization systems.

Lodige Process Technology , One Greentree Center, Suite 201, Marlton, NJ 08053-3105; FAX (856) 596-1324; .


Aluminum oxide and silicon carbide machine blanks for machinable ceramic production are offered in disc sizes up to 14 inches OD by 2 inches thick and plate sizes 12 inches square by 1 inch thick. Rods can be 1/2 and 1 inch in diameter. Porosity ranges from 20% to 40%, and pore size from 0.5 to 90 microns.

Refractron Technologies , 5750 Stuart Ave., Newark, NY 14513, FAX (315) 331-7254.


New SFERAX SL series linear ball bearings feature a self-locking retention mechanism that reduces assembly and maintenance costs. These bearings can be pushed into place by hand, potentially eliminating the need for C-clips, grooves, bonding, and other traditional flange retention measures.

Schneeberger Inc. , 11 DeAngelo Dr., Bedford, MA 01730; FAX (781) 275-4749; .

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