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New CAM combination adds simulation to code generation

New CAM combination adds simulation to code generation

SOLIDCAM 2000 is a CAD/CAM software platform from CADTECH (Or-Yehuda, Israel), that supports 2.5- and 3-axis milling, as well as turning and combined turning/ milling. It can work standalone, or be integrated with CAD applications including Bentley Microstation/J Modeler, AutoDesk AutoCAD 2000, and Mechanical Desktop 5.0. The software is designed for ease-of-use in the mold and die industry, with a Microsoft Windows touch and feel, and high quality G-code for CNC machine tool paths.

Now it has integrated MachineWorks, a CNC simulation and verification toolkit from LightWork Design (Sheffield, UK), a maker of 3D visualization and simulation software.

MachineWorks simulates the CNC operation, including 2.5- through 5-axis milling operations, 2- and 4-axis turning and 2- and 4-axis Wire-EDM. The software allows machinists to experiment with parts and settings in a virtual environment, so they can optimize toolpaths, avoid clashes between tools and holders, and reduce wasted materials. It is designed for use by CAM system vendors, machine tool manufacturers, standalone verification vendors, and manufacturing software suppliers.

SOLIDCAM will now offer the machinist more powerful CAD/CAM tools, and an "extra dimension" in toolpath visualization, according to Managing Director Emil Somekh. Additional Details...CADTECH Ltd., 33 Kaplan Street, Or-Yehuda, Israel 60305; Tel +972-35333-150; FAX +972-35333-160; .

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