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Medium and Heavy Load Linear Guides in Dust Proof Versions

Medium and Heavy Load Linear Guides in Dust Proof Versions

Misumi USA, Inc.'s new Linear Guides include:

  • SVRD (single block) and SV2RD (dual block) Medium Load, and SXRD (single block) and SX2RD (dual block) Heavy Load versions are double-sealed, with a side seal added to enhance sealing and prevent any intrusion of dust, machining chips or other debris into the guide rail.
  • SVRK (single block) and SV2RK (dual block) Medium Load, and SXRK (single block) and SX2RK (dual block) Heavy Loadversions are also double-sealed and provide a metal scraper attached to the external side seal to quickly remove any larger pieces of foreign material or hot welding spatter from the guide rail.

The guides are ruggedly constructed of carbon steel and can be configured precisely to a variety of specifications, including length, height, load rating and tapped hole machining.

In addition to the dust-proof medium and heavy load versions, Misumi offers a comprehensive line of standard and advanced Linear Guides in a multitude of sizes and configurations. These include wide and long blocks, preload, interchangeable and small clearance types. All of the company's Linear Guides have an operating temperature range from -20 to 80C and are manufactured to precise dimensional tolerances. Design engineers can select and configure the linear guides to their specific requirements relative to load, thrust, friction resistance, and rated life span, using tables and calculations conveniently provided in Misumi's print or online Metric Catalog.
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