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Thermocouple alloys

Cupron(TM) thermocouple alloys come in three grades: Cupron X alloy, Cupron XM alloy, and Cupron XS alloy. Cupron X alloy is a copper base alloy, while the Cupron XM alloy, containing manganese, reportedly has good weldability. The Cupron XS alloy is suitable for applications requiring good oxidation resistance at high temperatures. Carpenter Technology Corp., Enter 591

Porous materials

METAPOR porous materials are intended for material handling applications such as air-cushion devices, vacuum clamping tables and chucks, and powder fluidization systems. These materials form production molds of rigid plastic packaging, and components for equipment enclosures and automotive interiors. Materials are intended for the medical, electronics, and general machining and manufacturing industries. Portec North America-NEST Technologies, Enter 592

Coating system

Irathane 155(R) is a two-component ambient temperature curing, high-build polyurethane coating system designed to provide corrosion protection. The coating system produces a monolithic surface with a high-slip finish and can be built up to 0.25 inch or more in a minimum number of coats. Applications include ash settling tanks, water pipes and equipment, and coagulator tanks. Devcon, Enter 593


Epocast(R) low-density epoxy syntactic for edge-reinforcing honeycomb structures is a green-colored paste that can be extruded from pneumatic equipment or spread with a putty knife or trowel. The epoxy has a 4:1 pbw mix ratio, 65-minute gel time, and a room-temperature compressive strength of 2.80 ksi. Epoxy also has a tensile shear strength of 800 psi on acid-etched aluminum. Vantico Inc., Enter 594


The S inch-sized aluminum shafting and supported aluminum shafting offer high levels of corrosion and wear resistance as well as a reportedly lighter weight. S aluminum shafting has a lower coefficient of friction and reportedly three times the lifetime of steel when run against the appropriate bearing material. The aluminum shafts are available in nine diameters ranging from 0.25 to 2 inches. IGUS Inc., Enter 595

Thermoplastic compound

Radiopaque compounds are thermoplastic compunds capable of absorbing radiation. The compounds can be formulated to be visible under x-ray imaging or as a shield to protect people from x-ray generating sources. Compounds are non-toxic and, unlike lead, do not require a particular disposal method. Radiopaque compounds can be processed using extrusion and injection molding techniques. RTP Co., Enter 596


Precious Metal Clad Rod and Wire features two to five layers of precious metals metallurgically bonded to a copper- or nickel-based alloy to achieve specific properties such as corrosion and oxidation resistance. The precious metals are available in sizes from 0.002- to 0.500-inch diameters. Cladding materials can include platinum, silver, gold, palladium, and titanium. The precious metal is suitable for hermetic sealing. Anomet Products, Enter 597

Stainless tubing

The specialty shaped tubing is offered in hexagonal, teardrop, oval, square, and rectangular profiles and other shapes in 300 and 400 series stainless steel, nickel-based, and Inconel(R) alloys. The speciality shaped tubing is suitable for applications ranging from handles and ornamental structural support, to wire and fluid guides in the high-tech, aerospace, and medical industries. Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication Inc., Enter 598

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