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Igus' New Cable Carrier for Circular Movements in Small Spaces

Igus' New Cable Carrier for Circular Movements in Small Spaces

Where demanding rotary movements are required at very high loads, igus cable carriers with reverse bending radii (RBR) are usually used. With these, circular movements up to 540 degrees are possible. However, the installation spaces involved are usually large in terms of depth and width. As a medium-sized solution in the igus' circular cable carrier range, a second possibility is the TwisterChain cable carrier. This sturdy, smooth-running cable carrier was designed for one-and-a-half complete rotations, coupled with high dynamics. The system's diameter is takes up more height, less width and comes nearer to the axis of rotation. Where installation space is extremely limited, on the other hand, a different, compact and very easy to fill micro-solution is required. Following months of development work, the igus design engineers have presented such a solution.

New TwisterBand TB30 makes rapid rotating movements possible up to 3,000 degrees and depends only on the belt length or design height in the axis of rotation.

The polymer cable carrier is lightweight and easy to use. The injection-molded chain has easy access links allowing users to simply press in cables and hoses through split openings.

The design is modular and extremely flexible and does not have to be customized to individual customer specifications. One type is already available, with further larger and smaller versions planned.

Applications for the slim design circular chain system are mainly in robotics supplying one and six axes in special machine construction, handling, lifting and assembly equipment and test jigs. 

Igus' New Cable Carrier for Circular Movements in Small Spaces

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