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Fluid Power

Article-Fluid Power

Fluid Power


Urethane hose

Puncture- and abrasion-resistant

UFD Hose is made from wire-reinforced thermoplastic urethane, and it reportedly exhibits high tear strength, and puncture- and abrasion-resistance with good flex fatigue. It is designed for severe service and comes in 2- to 18-inch ID sizes with varying wall thickness. It operates within a -65 to 200F temperature range. Hi-Tech Hose Inc.

Pneumatic hand pump

Generates pressure or vacuum in single pump

Engineered to verify calibration of pressure transmitters, switches, controllers, or recorders, the Model PHP pneumatic hand pump is designed for sourcing pressure or vacuum. It becomes a complete calibration system by mounting an analog or digital pressure gage to the top of the unit. Recorded output pressures of up to 600 psi are available, as well as the ability to vacuum down to -28.5 inch Hg. Higher pressures can reportedly be achieved with minimum number of strokes because of its scissor action design. Dwyer Instruments

Miniature ball valve

Trunion style

The company's mini-ball valve is available in three-way configurations with an orifice of 0.141. They are reportedly effective for shut-off of liquid and gas flow through 10,000psi, and its trunion style ball design makes it ideal for severe duty applications. The products feature a 316 cold-worked stainless steel construction, Viton O-rings, peek ball seats, and Teflon packing. High Pressure Equipment Co.


For liquid and gas applications

Designed to excel in both liquid and gas applications, such as water, liquid carbon dioxide, cement/sand slurry, and nitrogen gas, the wing nut high pressure turbine flowmeters can handle recorded pressures up to 15,000 psi. It can reportedly supply accurate flow measurements of plus or minus 0.5 percent for liquids and plus or minus 1 percent for gases. Ideal applications include mud pump drilling, fluid flow measurement, and oil well fracturing. Hoffer Flow Controls

Vacuum pumps

Need little space and air

Ideal for end-or-arm tooling and applications where space is limited, the company's line of micro-miniature, air-powered, in-line venturi vacuum pumps feature thermoplastic construction, weigh only 16g, and measure 1 x 1.69 inch. They can be closely mounted to the pick-up point, speeding up response time and minimizing air consumption. They are available with or without a silencer in four models, with two different flow rates, and 10-32/5-mm threads or 5/32-inch tube connection ports. Anver

Poppet valves

Lightweight, easy to service

Designed for applications that require high Cv, fast response times, large exhaust capability, as well as a valve that is dirt tolerant, the company's poppet valves include solenoid-actuated versions-with either internal or external pilot supply-and air actuated versions. These valves are reportedly easy to service, and have bubble-tight shut-off, a lightweight aluminum body, and high reliability. Port sizes for the four-way poppet valves range from 3/8- to 1-inch NPT, ISO 228/1 (BSPP). In addition, other threads are available upon request. Norgren-Herion

Dual metering flow control valves

For specific flow requirements

The company's new miniature dual metering flow control valves are reportedly ideal for unique liquid handling applications because the valves can be customized to specific flow requirements. They are available in both 0.187- and 0.281 inch diameter models; a designer can specify different metered flow rates for the forward and reverse flow directions within a specific range, depending on the model selected. The Lee Co.


Leak-tight sealing

PrexSEALS range of standard and custom connectors ensure the leak-tight sealing required for effective performance of leak test and detection systems in an extensive range of applications. The standard range consists of male and female seals with either pneumatic pushbutton or mechanical releases, in sizes from 0.5- to 2.25-inch male and 0.1- to 2-inch female.

Industrial pumps

Provide increased service life

Available with wear-resistant Tungsten Carbide valve seats and valves, the Hydra Cell Series industrial pumps are an alternative to ceramic components in abrasive, high-pressure pumping applications. Ideal applications include grinding wheel flushing, coating, and spray drying. Wanner Engineering Inc.

Calibration pumps

Available in three models

The 8000 Series calibration pumps are designed for generating and accomplishing fine adjustments of vacuum and pneumatic pressures for calibration of low-pressure switches, transmitters, and alarms. They come in three models: the Model 8125 for generating pressures down to approximately 22 inches Hg, the Model 8135 for generating pressures to 70 psi, and the Model 8145 for generating pressures to 360 psi. The pump adjusting resolution is recorded to 0.04-inch water column. Clark Solutions

Residential pump motors

Easy-access cover

The company's UL-recognized and CSA-certified water-system pump motors feature accessible shaft flats and a screwdriver slot for easy impeller assembly or removal. They also feature corrosion-resistant powder paint on a motor frame, five-point mounting surface on a square flange bracket for extra pump support, and snap-fit actuator slides on a plastic spool, which will reportedly never rust. Motors are suitable for jet pumps, centrifugal pumps, booster pumps, and lawn sprinkler pumps. Emerson Motor Technologies

Pneumatic valve systems

With high flow

The HF 04 and LP 04 pneumatic valve manifold systems are designed to have high flow and be suitable for use in the automation industry. They reportedly offer low power consumption, and are actuated by double pilots and available in versions 2x3/2, 5/2, and 5/3. Both systems are based on the same valve, but the subbases are engineered to meet different industry requirements. Bosch Rexroth Corp.

Refrigerated air source

Solves heat problems

Cold Air Tubes(TM) are a compact (less than 10 inches long), ready-to-use source of refrigerated air. With no moving parts, the tubes convert compressed air into a low-pressure stream of cold air that reportedly reaches temperatures as low as -20F. They are engineered to kill heat buildup that can slow production or create problems on parts or equipment. They are easy to install, according to the company. ITW Vortec

Vacuum pump

Compact version

The MM Series pump is a compact version of the company's Mink pressure or vacuum pump. Vacuum is provided by two non-contracting, claw-type rotors in an oil-free chamber; it is single stage and reportedly reaches an end vacuum of 37.5 torr. The product is designed for applications where dust particles may be present. Busch Inc.

Heat exchanger

Stainless steel

Built from stainless steel, grade 316L, with a maximum allowable working pressure of 150 psig at 250F, the 1.5 inch diameter heat exchanger is designed for a chemical process research laboratory. It was hydro-tested at 185 psig. Sweco Fab Inc.

Air mover vacuum pumps

Adjustable transfer speed

The company's TT Series transfer tubes are engineered to create a vacuum from compressed air input for pneumatic conveying, hopper and bulk loading, dust removal, and trim waste removal. They reportedly provide air movement the moment compressed air is applied, and their transfer speed and output flow can be infinitely adjusted by regulating the input pressure. The products are made from aluminum with an anodized finish. Anver

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