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Compact Single- and Dual-Digital Encoders

Article-Compact Single- and Dual-Digital Encoders

Compact Single- and Dual-Digital Encoders

TT Electronics BI Technologies' EN08 Series is a line of single-and dual-digital rotary encoders. The RoHS-compliant rotary encoders have an 8 mm design with options of a SPST momentary switch and dual encoders with concentric shafts. The encoders have 20 detents per revolution with rotational torque of detent rated at a maximum of 1.0oz-in. The operating life is 50,000 cycles, and the optional SPST momentary switch life is rated at 15,000 actuations. The encoders feature a maximum operating speed of 30RPMs at 10 pulses per revolution. The closed circuit resistance is rated at a maximum of 3.0 Ohms with a 1.0mA/5V dc contact rating. The SPST switch has a maximum operating force of 850 gf and travels up to 0.5mm. Operating temperatures range from -30 to +70C. The encoders have a mechanical-type contact and are sealed to IP50 specifications. The EN08 Series are suitable for applications including digital audio/video equipment, navigation systems, appliances and machine tools.

The EN08 Series has three model styles:

  • EN08-N: side adjust, single encoder, SPST momentary switch.
  • EN08-S: side adjust, single encoder without momentary switch option
  • EN08-C: side adjust, dual encoders with concentric shaft.
Compact Single- and Dual-Digital Encoders
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