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In brief: Motion control

In brief: Motion control

PowerTRUE 90TM precision right-angle gearhead from Thomson Micron, LLC is a high-tech face gear that the company says provides smoother, quieter meshing and more efficient power transmission. The performance is made possible by leading-edge software and CNC machining technologies that create a continuous contact zone between the meshing wheel and involute pinion gears.

Pacific Scientific tested the POWERMAX II NEMA 23 frame step motor for more than a year prior to applying the motor and found that the motor operated continuously while submersed in hydraulic fluid. The company says that the POWERMAX II lends itself to this type of application because of the way the motor is constructed. The aluminum rear-end bell is replaced with an all in-one engineering polymer-molded assembly.

SRB rail assemblies from Pacific Bearing Co. include a stainless-steel option. These standard and stainless-steel rail assemblies use self-lubricating SimplicityTM linear bearings which provide performance in contaminated environments. The assemblies feature 6061-T6 aluminum-alloy T-Rail supports and 303 stainless-steel shafting.

Anorad Corp.'s piezo ceramic linear motor (PCLM) technology is the foundation for a three-axis laser micromachining system for biomedical fabrication workcells. In these production-floor systems, three 100-mm travel PCLM stages are configured in a rigid granite structure that provides better than 10 arc-second orthogonality between the vertical (focus) axis and the high-speed XY workpiece positioning stages.

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