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Munro Live Teardown Reveals Rivian Battery Design and Construction

The Rivian R1T impressed us in the test drive, but is its battery pack also impressive?

Dan Carney

June 20, 2022

9 Slides

Vehicle technical analyst Sandy Munro has applied the teardown capabilities of his company, Munro & Associates, to the amazing Rivian R1T electric pickup truck. This truck astounded us with its on-road and off-road performance, and now Munro is taking a looking under the sheetmetal at the components that provide this astounding capability.

Munro is posting a series of teardown videos of various Rivian subsystems, and we've decided to take a specific look at his findings about the design and execution of the truck's battery pack. This video is hosted by Munro & Associates account director Ben Lindamood, who walks viewers through the battery's components and offers opinions on the things that are done well and the things that could be done differently or more efficiently. Click through the gallery for a look.


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