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Atlantic Design & Manufacturing Is Just Days Away!

Atlantic Design & Manufacturing Is Just Days Away!

It’s time to converge on the Javits Center in NYC for Atlantic Design & Manufacturing. Register for your free Expo pass today — you won’t be disappointed!

It’s summer and that can only mean one thing for any engineer worth his or her salt — it’s time to converge on the Javits Center in NYC for three days of rock-solid engineering education at Atlantic Design & Manufacturing!

That’s right — three full days of education, June 12-14, focused on robotics, 3D printing, sensors, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, IoT, and more — with some fun mixed in. And it’s all free! Just remember to register early so your badge is waiting for you at the event.

Click here for a full schedule of events in the Smart Manufacturing Education Hub!

There have been many changes made to Atlantic Design & Manufacturing since 2017. First, gone are the dark, WiFi-challenged conference rooms that seem like they are located miles away from the Expo floor. Now, you will find three dedicated education hubs — Smart Manufacturing, Medtech, and Packaging — right in the heart of the Expo.

“The line-up of sessions in the Smart Manufacturing Education Hub touch on all of the hot topics for manufacturers, from the digital twin and 3D printing to advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. Manufacturing is going through a revolution in technology, and these sessions explore all of it,” said Design News Senior Editor Rob Spiegel, who will be serving as chairperson of the event. “The session leaders and panelists on the Smart Manufacturing track are the pros who are deploying these bleeding-edge technologies on the production floor.”

Spiegel will also moderate five thought-provoking panel discussions:

     • Mobility: The Driving Force Behind the Growth in Collaborative Robotics

     • Using Additive Manufacturing to Process Novel Materials & Improve Product Performance

     •  The Practical Path of Digital Transformation

     • Workforce Integration in the New Age of Smart Manufacturing

     • What Does the Factory of the Future Look Like?

“We are in a time of amazing opportunity and innovation for manufacturers. From a technical standpoint it does not seem like much has changed, but everything has changed. The companies that embrace Smart Manufacturing head-on will thrive and those that don’t will be left in the dust fighting for scraps,” said David Iyoha, director of software solutions at Fortech LLC, who will be offering his insight on workforce integration and digital transformation.

Click here to register for Atlantic Design & Manufacturing today.

Other can’t-miss sessions include:

     • Learning from Nature: The Mechanics Behind the Robotic Zoo — with NYU

     • How Will AI Change Manufacturing Over the Next 5 Years? — with IBM Watson

     • Leveraging Virtual Reality for Industrial Training — with FS Studio

     • Metal 3D Printing: Trends & Emerging Tech — with 3deo

     • Leveraging IoT for Predictive Maintenance — with IBM Watson and RRAMAC

“If people can learn from past failures, why can’t machines? Actually, they can. It’s called Predictive Maintenance, and we will discuss how this works at Atlantic Design & Manufacturing,” said Tom Craven, VP of product strategy at RRAMAC Connected Systems.

Atlantic Design & Manufacturing, June 12-14 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, is co-located with the following shows: Automation Technology Expo (ATX) East, EastPack, Medical Design and Manufacturing East, PLASTEC East, and Quality Expo.

“The Atlantic Design & Manufacturing conference is a fantastic way of staying abreast with new design and engineering tools and how they enable engineers to imagine and innovate products in the medical, electronics, and biotechnology fields to name a few. There is a nice balance between design and manufacturing and the organizers have done a great job incorporating digital manufacturing, robotics, automation, and other emerging production technologies that are central to building a robust business and critical to competing in a rapidly evolving environment,” said John Jaddou, co-founder of Addeation, who will also be speaking on the topic of digital transformation. “This conference is also a great opportunity to learn from and network with friends, past colleagues, and industry peers. I make attending and actively participating in sessions a top priority every single year.”

For more information on Atlantic Design & Manufacturing, email Conference Producer Jennifer Campbell or visit

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