Rapid Prototyping Using FARO's Laser ScanArm V3

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August 13, 2009

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Rapid Prototyping Using FARO's Laser ScanArm V3

Synergeering added the FaroArm(R) Quantum with the V3 Laser ScanArm(R) to expand its services to include reverse engineering and better its measurement capabilities. Replacing previous measurement methods made Synergeering's overall processes more accurate and efficient.

Synergeering Group provides high-quality rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing services to customers in the automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer products industries. Based in Farmington Hills, MI, Synergeering prides itself on being the best.

Its capacity for rapid manufacturing and building fully functioning rapid prototype parts is unrivaled. Synergeering's experienced staff produces functional parts utilizing Laser Sintering (LS) of nylon plastic and 3-D printing with the highest resolution process and materials available. Synergeering also utilizes Electron Beam Melting (EBM) of titanium and cobalt chromium directly from CAD data.

Synergeering previously used a large variety of tools and technologies, including hand gauges and calipers, to measure and inspect parts of all types and sizes. These past methods were often inaccurate, incomplete and not as detailed as Synergeering and its customers required. To try to solve these problems, they looked at a traditional fixed CMM, but that presented another long list of problems and disadvantages.

One solution that not only solved Synergeering's metrology problems, but also provided them the speed, versatility and scanning capability they were looking for, was the FaroArm Quantum with the all-new Laser ScanArm V3 attachment. The FARO(R) system's ease-of-use and speed helped Synergeering not only increase its overall accuracy, but also improve its productivity.

"The process was extremely easy, especially with the on-site help and experience of Les Baker, FARO's application engineer," said Synergeering's President Thomas Gogoe. "The technology was quickly accepted by our team, again thanks largely to Les' great training and the simplicity of the software."

Synergeering uses the ScanArm for reverse engineering, 3-D modeling, point-cloud generation and part inspection.

Synergeering can laser scan customers' parts and create fully surfaced 3-D CAD models, then produce fully functional components from its unique rapid prototype capabilities, and deliver within days.

"Synergeering's ongoing dedication to research and development, as well as our experience producing thousands of functional components has, without fail, provided reliability and value to our customer base," said Gogoe. "Our experienced engineers continue to master both the art and science of creating the highest quality Free-Form-Fabricated parts. And our processes are constantly being refined with new methods - like those provided by FARO - that will save our customers time and money."

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