In Brief: Fastening, Joining, & Assembly

DN Staff

March 24, 1997

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In Brief: Fastening, Joining, & Assembly

The 1500XL automatic dispenser from EFD uses a timed air pulse to make fast and accurate deposits of adhesives, sealants, and lubricants in benchtop assembly operations. According to the company, controlled application eliminates operator guesswork and provides much higher productivity than squeeze bottles, hand syringes, and other manual applicators.

Self-sealing fasteners are designed with a groove under the head to accommodate a rubber O-ring which, when compressed, forms a complete seal. Zago Mfg. says the fasteners can be removed and reused without spoiling the sealing action.

Columbia Marking Tools announces the availability of a compact hot-stamp marker for plastics. The Model 911 is air-operated and can exert marking pressures up to 240 lbs. The marker is specifically designed for applications where space is at a premium. Length is restricted to 5/8 inch.

Tra-Con Inc. claims TRA-CAST 3108 epoxy has excellent flow and wetting properties and exhibits superior adhesion to glass, ceramics, most metals, and plastics. The material is low shrinkage and cures at room temperature with very low exotherm. Fully cured, the material acts as an electrical insulator with good impact and thermal shock resistance.

Allied Devices' AccuStarTM is a Phillips-head precision shoulder screw for close-tolerance applications. Manufactured in magnetic and non-magnetic 303 stainless steel, the screw adapts to diversified environments.

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