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January 13, 2003

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Shielding gaskets

Conformable, low-force solution

A soft, conductive EMI shielding gasket line is reportedly ideal for applications that require superior inter-cavity shielding and conductivity at low compression force. GS8000 EMI gaskets consist of a nickel-plated base polymer backed with a thin foil layer, and conductive, pressure-sensitive adhesives. Precision die cut, the gaskets handle molding tolerances and minimize stress on housings and circuit boards, and accommodate variations in gap heights of up to 0.2 mm. W.L. Gore & Associates, Enter 676

Electronics enclosure

Indoor/outdoor, all-weather use

Model OD45 customizable, wall-mountable electronics enclosure can be used outdoors, on plant floors and on manufacturing equipment. With NEMA 4X rating, OD45s are made of 94V-2 polycarbonate, are waterproof and are suited for equipment that must be cleaned in place. The enclosure is 3.5 x 6.7 x 1.8 inches and is meant to replace made-from-scratch waterproof enclosures. Moisture is kept out by a gasket that seals the cover joints. Applications include outdoor security systems, wireless units, access controls, remote flow monitors and displays, pump controls and automatic door controls. LaFrance Corp., Enter 677

High-temp epoxy

Low viscosity, low shrinkage

For critical potting and encapsulating applications that need a low-viscosity, no out-gassing epoxy with no volatiles or solvents, 4461 is for use to 500F and flows into fine details. Epoxy 4461 is 100% solids and reportedly has low moisture absorption, high bond strength, high temperature stability, low shrinkage, and room temperature curing. Applications include protecting cable end seals, thermocouples, strain gauges, electric heaters, flow meters and glass lined tanks. 4461 flows easily and is reportedly ideal as a protective coating. Cotronics Corp. , Enter 678

Smooth-bore collars

Prevent gouging and dimpling

Smooth bore, clamp-style shaft collar line won't damage steel, glass or acrylic shafts, or thin-wall tubing, by gouging, dimpling or crushing. Couplings evenly grip shafts in sizes 0.125 to 6 inches ID and are available in stainless steel, steel or aluminum, and can be electropolished, plated or anodized, respectively. Collars are available in one or two-piece, or hinged style and have smooth bores. Stafford Manufacturing Enter 679

Custom tapes

Many printed substrates, styles

A line of customized, pressure sensitive tapes and foam products that can be slit as narrow as 1/16 inch and supplies on substrates including PVC, cloth, mylar, paper and polypropylene. Products can be supplied in rolls, sheets, and perforated single- or double-coated foam, for design engineered applications in automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical and pharmaceutical, OEM and packaging. Various degrees of tack and release of adhesives are available, and CAD programs are used for precise die-cutting equipment. Pro Tapes & Specialties Inc. , Enter 680

Enclosure ventilators

Molded for tighter seals

An electronic equipment cooling and ventilation device enclosure is available featuring a molded-in-place gasket that ensures tight seals while eliminating the loose gasket required in older models. These UL 94 V-0 polycarbonate assemblies can reportedly be used in current applications, without design change and replacing all manufacturers' metal and non-metal enclosures. Use in pairs on opposing sides for passive, cross flow ventilation, in applications including outdoor use. Fibox Inc., Enter 681

Combination lock

Modular locking for security

A swinghandle combination lock is designed to provide the flexibility of individual cabinets but allow access by maintenance or security personnel using a single key. Users can remedy forgotten combinations and open abandoned cabinets without the expense and time of removing locks. This product integrates with the company's other modular locking and latching systems, and fits the standard cutout. DIRAK Enter 694

Protective bellows

Durable, custom engineered covers

Engineered, dip-molded protective bellows provide durable covers for multiple component assemblies while sealing out dirt and moisture. These vinyl covers are reportedly built to exact specifications and resist weathering and aging. Dip-molded bellows are available in matte or glossy finishes and many colors, without parting lines. Applications-including lawn and garden, office furniture and medical industries-can be engineered in days with CAD help, prototyping and production assistance available. Steere Enter 682

Lock washers

Lock and seal assemblies

Build secure, tight assemblies using locking and sealing washers on standard fasteners. Plastic locking washers have two lips, which dig into fastener threads and fill spaces for a tight seal, deforming easily. Use electric or pneumatic screwdrivers. Standard washers are natural nylon; also available in polyethylene, PVDF, PTFE, PP and other flexible materials. They resist oil, fuel, benzene acetone, white spirit and other chemicals. Custom manufacturing capabilities include large diameters and a range of colors. Applications for sealing washers include automotive, electronics, pneumatics, and electrical industries. Bulte Plastics; Enter 683

Epoxy system

Good thermal conductivity

EP21AN two-part adhesive system has excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, with dielectric strength of more than 400 V/mil and volume resistivity greater than 1013 ohm-cm. EP21AN cures readily at ambient temperature, faster at higher temperatures and mixes1:1 by weight or volume. Reportedly easy to use and stable, it adheres to many substrates including metal, ceramic, glass and many plastics, with very low shrinkage after curing. The adhesive is available in .50-pint, pint, quart, gallon and 5-gal containers. Applications include electronics bonding. Master Bond Inc., Enter 684

T-bolt band clamps

Strong, leak-proof sealing

T-bolt band clamps have advantages over standard worm gear clamps in applications including joining or connecting rubber hose, plastic tube, and other solid parts. T-bolt band clamps with V-band couplings reportedly offer leak-proof seals and higher tensile strength, durability and corrosion resistance than other clamps. Made from 300-series stainless steel, bands can be supplied with rounded edges to protect soft hose material. Applications include automotive, off-road, construction, filtration, material handling, marine, aerospace, medical, and various military uses. They are available with zinc-plated components. Clampco Products Inc., Enter 685

Hot-melt adhesive

Versatile, for difficult bonding

A reactive hot-melt adhesive line is designed to bond unusual or difficult substrates like foams, fabrics, wood and difficult metals and plastics. Mor-Melt moisture-curing polyurethane hot melts offer adhesion in difficult environments applications like textile and upholstery lamination, panel lamination for manufactured housing and recreational vehicles, and decorative lamination for automotive and furniture. Application methods include controlled spray, bead extrusion, roll coater, gravure roller, screen print roll and others. Rohm and Haas Enter 686

Adhesives applicator

Ergonomic, medium-duty

The Powerlinea(R) ergonomic handheld adhesives applicator is designed to safely apply hot melts in medium volume applications where glue guns are too small but bulk tanks are unsuitable. Powered by compressed air, units are designed to reduce worker fatigue and deliver controlled amounts of adhesive continuously. An extrusion model offers quick-change specialty nozzles. Powerline includes an LED digital control panel. Applications include packaging, automotive, electrical, furniture and textile industries. PAM Fastening Enter 687

Snap bushings

Protect wires in large enclosures

Wire management solutions for large and heavy-duty housings are available in a line of snap bushings and dome plugs for applications including motor housings. Channel wiring cables, utility lines, tubing and hose through 5- or 6-inch bushings and plugs, designed to fit openings in appliances, power tools and machinery, electronic and HVAC cabinets. The units reportedly offer tight seals and fast installation. Made of high impact 6/6 nylon for use to 125F, products have 94V-2 flammability class. Heyco Products Inc., Enter 688

Laminating adhesives

For membrane switch applications

SWITCHmark(R) White Laminating Adhesives are designed for joining graphic overlays to membrane switches in such applications as household appliances, exercise equipment, and medical and scientific instrumentation. Available in 2 or 4 mil thicknesses, they may be supplied as a double linered system for sheet-form converting or a single linered construction for roll processing. These laminating adhesives, an extension to the company's spacer components line, consist of four products: SWITCHmark White 2-0-0, White 2-0-0 S, White 4-0-0, and White 4-0-0 S. Laminating adhesives are compatible with such UV ink systems as dielectric, decorative, and conductive inks. FLEXcon Company Inc., Enter 689

Machine screws

Stainless steel, triangular geometry

KEYED-LOK(TM) is a lock-n-key screw line that includes machine and metal screws, featuring triangular geometry with 16,000,000 combinations. The stainless steel and alloy fasteners have an oversized center pin designed to keep Torx(R) and Hexpin(TM) bits out. Applications include airbags, artwork, manhole covers, public buildings, and security equipment. Bryce Fastener Inc., Enter 690


Light-weight, corrosion-resistent

CAM-operated couplings offer corrosion resistance and are manufactured for lightweight. Nuglass couplings are made from glass-fiber-reinforced nylon with an EPDM gasket, 302 stainless steel handles and pins, and a temperature range of -30 to 200F. Propoglass couplings are made of glass-fiber-reinforced polypropylene, EPDM, and stainless steel with a temperature range of 10 to 180F. Applications include maintenance, chemical, and waste handling. New Age Industries Inc., Enter 691

Cable connectors

Long life, easy installation

Quick-Lok(R) armored cable connectors have a one-piece steel body for long life, and a nylon insulator for safe wire pulling. Easily installed for terminating armored cable into a steel box, the connectors require only a three-step process for installation. Available in 0.5- and 0.75-inch sizes with slotted, combination, Phillips, and Robetson head screws, the connectors may be used with such armored cable types as AC steel, MC steel, AC aluminum, MC aluminum, MCC aluminum, and flexible metal reduced wall FMC and MCC aluminum. Cooper Industries, Crouse-Hinds Div. Enter 692

PVC harness tape

Natural rubber, tear by hand

Single-coated, black PVC wire harness tape meets Daimler Chrysler MS-DC-13B specifications for automotive wire harness wrapping and clip retention applications. Coated with a natural rubber, pressure-sensitive adhesive, features of lead-free type 2763 include consistent unwind, tearing by hand and conformability. Scapa North America, Enter 693

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