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Bomar’s A-lign™ Connectors Ensure Integrity of Connections in Compact Wireless Applications

December 8, 2009

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Bomar’s A-lign™ Connectors Ensure Integrity of Connections in Compact Wireless Applications

ELECTRONICS:  Bomar Interconnect Products Inc. has announced the release of the A-lignTM Series of multi-port MMCX antenna RF connectors. Initially consisting of three- and six-port parts, the proprietary A-lign Series is engineered to support the wireless sector’s demand for increasingly smaller consumer, industrial and commercial products. Designed for high-density, cable-to-board applications, the 5.00 mm (1.97 inch) centerline parts provide OEMs/ODMs with the ultimate solution for ensuring the integrity of coaxial cable connections, especially where PCBs are stacked.  Moreover, their employment reduces manufacturers’ BOM while optimizing close proximity alignment to help speed products’ time-to-market. The A-lign Series meets or exceeds all industry mechanical, electrical, and environmental standards.

These PCB mount coaxial interconnects are ideally suited for the broadest range of compact, high-density wireless applications in which package size and high performance are critical factors.  They are most frequently specified in cellular base stations, test and measurement equipment and medical equipment.  Both male and female devices are provided with snap-together coupling to facilitate low RF leakage and ease of assembly. Female parts featuring Bomar’s E-SnapTM PC mounting technology are optionally available. These connectors notably do not require an adhesive prior to reflow soldering as they “snap” securely into previously solder-pasted holes for reflow soldering.

Devices feature a 50-ohm impedance and repeatable performance to 6 GHz.  A-Lign interconnects are manufactured of precision-machined brass with gold bodies to support an extremely low reflection factor with a VSWR of 1.30. Female interconnects are provided with gold-plated, beryllium/copper contacts. All parts are supplied with a Teflon dielectric to facilitate a low dielectric constant and for reflow soldering. While interconnects are supplied standard with 5.00 mm centerlines, custom centerline dimensions are accommodated.

In quantities of 1000, pricing for Bomar’s three-port female connector is $8.40 each, while the male version is priced at $9.28.  Delivery is from stock to 12 weeks.  Samples are available upon request.

- Edited by Liz Taurasi


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