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It’s time to cast your vote for the 2017 DesignCon Engineer of the Year. Check out our five finalists and cast your vote to determine the winner!

It’s time to cast your vote for the DesignCon Engineer of the Year. This award Award is given out each year during the DesignCon event and seeks to recognize the best of the best in engineering and new product advancements at the chip, board, or system level, with a special emphasis on signal integrity and power integrity.

The editors of Design News and the staff of DesignCon would like to offer hearty congratulations to the nominees. For this year’s award, the winner will be able to direct a $10,000 donation to any secondary institution in the United States. Details on each nominee that follow are provided in their published biographies and by the person/s who made the nomination. Please click through all pages to see the five finalists then cast your vote by following this link.

Voting closes January 9th at 11:45 PM Eastern Time. The winner will be announced at DesignCon 2017, January 31-February 2, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA. 

Cast your vote for the 2017 Engineer of the Year

See the Official Rules of the Engineer of the Year Award

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Heidi Barnes
Senior Applications Engineer, Keysight Technologies
Heidi Barnes is a Senior Application Engineer for High Speed Digital applications in the EEsof EDA Group of Keysight Technologies. Her recent activities include the application of electromagnetic, transient, and channel simulators to solve the challenges of high speed SERDES and parallel bus communication links. Heidi’s past experience includes 6 years in signal integrity for ATE test fixtures for Verigy, an Advantest Group, 6 years in RF/Microwave microcircuit packaging for Agilent Technologies, and 10 years with NASA in the aerospace industry.

Heidi exemplifies the clever engineer who continuously solves problems in the signal integrity and power integrity field for Fortune 500 companies. Her thoughtful ideas are logical and technically sound and she works extremely well with others. Her humble attitude is a pleasure to be around and this is uncommon for someone who is so brilliant. High speed digital measurements and models are an everyday task for her and she routinely designs complex serial channels with advanced tools.

Heidi serves on the DesignCon Technical Program Committee and leads conference planning as a co-chairperson for Track 13. This year at DesignCon, she is presenting at the tutorial, “32 to 56 Gbps Serial Link Analysis and Optimization Methods for Pathological Channels” and participating in the panel, “Briefing from the IEEE P370 Working Group: Electrical characterization of PCBs and related interconnects at frequencies up to 50 GHz.” Heidi is also presenting in the technical session “Non-Destructive Analysis and EM Model Tuning of PCB Signal Traces Using the Beatty Standard” and sponsored session “Signal Integrity & Power Integrity Engineering Design Techniques.” Heidi’s consistent dedication to signal integrity methodology, including serial link analysis and power delivery, along with involvement in IEEE test fixture P370, her can-do attitude, and energetic involvement in DesignCon has gained her an impressive seven nominations for this 2017 EoY award.

Istvan Novak
Senior Principal Engineer, Oracle
Istvan Novak is a Senior Principle Engineer at Oracle. Besides signal integrity design of high-speed serial and parallel buses, he is engaged in the design and characterization of power-distribution networks and packages for mid-range servers. He creates simulation models, and develops measurement techniques for power distribution. Istvan has twenty plus years of experience with high-speed digital, RF, and analog circuit and system design. He is a Fellow of IEEE for his contributions to signal-integrity and RF measurement and simulation methodologies.

Istvan was one of the founding fathers of a good portion of the power integrity measurements and analysis techniques and his papers are often referenced in discussions on how to conduct power integrity measurements or analysis. Through cross-industry panel discussions, as well as his work with suppliers, competitors, and academia, he has managed to influence and drive change in a manner that benefits the entire industry.

Istvan has been presenting and teaching engineers at DesignCon for many years. He is considered an industry expert on power integrity and his papers continue to get reviewed and referenced year after year. He is easily approachable, happy to help young engineers. This year, Istvan will be participating in the panel discussion, “Why Do We Love and Hate DC-DC Converters?” and presenting in two sessions, “A Generic Test Tool for Power Distribution Networks” and “Overview and Comparison of Power Converter Stability Metrics.” He is also an active member of the DesignCon Technical Program Committee, sharing his expertise by participating in the review of content for many tracks.

Krishnaswamy Ramkumar
Senior Technical Staff Member, Cypress Semiconductor
Krishnaswamy Ramkumar has extensive experience in semiconductor process technology including front-end process development, process integration, process transfer to manufacturing, as well as interaction with foundries for process development and transfer. A veteran technical engineer and inventor at Cypress Semiconductor with more than 20 years of experience at the company, Krishnaswamy is fondly regarded by his coworkers as helpful, creative and diligent. He serves as the semiconductor process representative on the patent committee at Cypress and recently made the impressive achievement of receiving his 110th patent. Not only was Krishnaswamy a part of the team that developed the revolutionary tungsten gate process ("W-Gate") patent in the early 2000s which helped Cypress beat out the leading SRAM competitor at that time, he regularly patents his inventions that can be licensed to other companies, protecting Cypress’ IP and generating revenue for the company.

What sets Krishnaswamy apart is his relentless dedication to pushing technology forward. He proactively identifies new ways to innovate and opportunities to propel Cypress ahead of competitors. As an example, when Cypress wanted to look for new ways to reduce silicon wafer costs, Krishnaswamy worked with his team to develop an innovative way to implement wafers used by solar companies, successfully discovering a low-cost solution for the company. He regularly mentors junior members of the Cypress team by helping them along the design process and pushing them to get their own inventions patented. His dedication to learning and mentorship goes beyond the workplace. He teaches a number of evening semiconductor engineering courses to his peers within the industry, sharing his passion for technology to help others learn more about their field and upgrade their existing technical knowledge. Krishnaswamy’s persistent dedication to technological advancement, coupled with his passion for problem solving and his devotion to mentoring his younger peers, makes him a standout engineer within the semiconductor community. Forever seeking new and better way to do things, he has devoted his life to creative innovation.

Yuriy Shlepnev
CEO, Simberian Inc.
Yuriy Shlepnev is President and Founder of Simberian Inc., where he develops Simbeor electromagnetic signal integrity software. He received M.S. degree in radio engineering from Novosibirsk State Technical University in 1983, and the Ph.D. degree in computational electromagnetics from Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics. He was principal developer of electromagnetic simulator for Eagleware Corporation and leading developer of electromagnetic software for simulation of signal and power distribution networks at Mentor Graphics. The results of his research are published in multiple papers and conference proceedings.

Yuriy is active in the Technical Program Committee for DesignCon and serves at a co-chair for Track 14. At DesignCon this year he will be presenting at two sessions, “Cost-effective PCB Material Characterization for High-volume Production Monitoring” and “Back to Basics: The onset of skin effect in circuit board traces.”

Ransom Stephens
Principal, Ransom’s Notes
Ransom Stephens is a well-regarded physicist who’s work helped bring us to the Higgs Boson. He’s a respected engineer in the test and measurement space, including pioneering efforts in the field of jitter analysis. Ransom is also an author, and has recently released a new book, The Left Brain Speaks, the Right Brain Laughs, which discusses how to prime your brain for innovative thinking. In December, he presented a keynote on the concepts in this book at UBM’s Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose.

Ransom is the UBM 2016 ACE Awards’ Contributor of the Year for the countless articles and blogs he’s written sharing knowledge over the course of decades. At DesignCon this year, Ransom will be participating in the panel discussion, “The Case of the Closing Eyes - 400G Signal Integrity” and presenting a talk at the Chiphead Theater on his new book. He also serves on the Technical Program Committee for the conference.

Cast your vote for the 2017 Engineer of the Year

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