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Valve system combines diagnostics, distribution

Valve system combines diagnostics, distribution

Valve island technology, packaged with Fieldbus nodes for all major protocols, marks a major step forward in pneumatic control systems. Now it is a simple matter to store the number of cycles that the valve has performed, and compare that number with a maximum value to indicate when the valve should be changed. Such a system will also measure current on input and output units to check for open or short circuits; check voltage of the power supply; monitor solenoid current and response; and log any drift in these parameters. In addition, individual valves or groups of valves can be mounted close to the units they are controlling without the cost of multiple bus interfaces.

Both the V20 and V22 series valve islands, recently introduced by Norgren, are designed as dedicated Multipole products to complement the company's new Fieldbus II system. The modular system not only offers a wide variety of 3/2, 5/2, and 5/3 function valves, but is available with internal or external pilot supply, an operating pressure of -0.9 to 8.0 bar, and multi-pressure supply capability.

Fieldbus II, the latest addition to Norgren's range of Fieldbus products for machine control, employs modular input/ output units and protocol nodes. Modules simply clip together for rapid installation. Interchangeable protocol nodes let machine builders standardize control hardware and supply a communication unit to suit the needs of customers. All of the major protocols, including Profibus DP, Interbus S, and DeviceNet are available, along with a full range of accessories, including pre-assembled cables and plugs.

Other Valve island/Fieldbus II benefits include:

  • Centralized or distributed format for total flexibility

  • Placement of valves and inputs close to the application for less wiring

  • Diagnostic capabilities for immediate feedback and reduced downtime, as well as 50% less power consumption

  • DIN-rail mounting for easy installation and removal

  • 128 I/O capability

  • True spring return or centering action for safety circuit application

Finally, the valve islands are IP65 protected so they can be mounted anywhere in the plant, eliminating the need for expensive enclosures.

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