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August 11, 1997

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Test, measurement, and control instrumentation

IOtech has announced the release of the DBK53TM and DBK54TM sixteen-channel programmable analog-input modules. Both units feature convenient BNC input connectors that allow fast, positive connection. Users can attach up to 16 DBK53 or DBK54 modules to one DaqBoard, DaqBook, or Daq PCMCIA Card data acquisition system for a total of 256 differential inputs.

The Fluke 787 ProcessMeterTM from Fluke Corp. offers a combination of a digital multimeter and a loop calibrator in a single handheld tool. According to the company, the instrument offers dc current measurement accuracy that is four times greater than that of the industry standard Fluke 87 DMM and resolution that is an order of magnitude greater.

A new temperature-measuring amplifier for PT-100 RTDs that can be configured for a wide variety of temperature measurement ranges and output signal types by means of DIP switches has been introduced by Wieland Electric. The unit can accept signals from two-wire sensors for simple, approximate temperature measurements as well as three- and four-wire sensors when more exact temperature readings are required.

Link Instruments says its DSO-2100 Series is the first digital oscilloscope with advanced triggering features for less than $600. The unit provides two channels of 32k point single-shot waveform capture at a sample rate of 100 MSa/s and uses a color PC display as the oscilloscope screen.

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