IN BRIEF: Test, measurement, and control

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April 19, 1999

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IN BRIEF: Test, measurement, and control

The CL-350A handheld or benchtop temperature calibrator from OMEGA Engineering features a display resolution of 0.1 degrees and is able to reproduce temperatures of 20C above ambient to 350C. The calibrator offers uniformity, stability, and accuracy with 0.1 degrees resolution, the company says.

The Easy ZeroTM external adjust feature is standard on all Ashcroft(R) sanitary gauges with 31/2-inch dials from Dresser Instrument Div. The feature allows the gauges to externally adjust back to zero during calibration. Calibration of Ashcroft sanitary gauges often involves a simple zero adjustment. Easy Zero adjustment allows for indication at any point on the scale to be adjusted as much as plus or minus 5% of span, the company says.

The UnimarTM grinding gauge system from Marposs Corp. is for in-process gauging of grinding operations. Coupled with the Marposs P5 amplifier and graphical HMI, the Unimar system can be used on internal and positioning applications. The system provides 0.1 micron repeatability, and once it is installed, provides a broad 25-mm measuring range on diameter without any additional mechanical intervention, eliminating the need for clutches, tools, and lever adjustments.

Rupture monitoring system for pumps from Bran+Luebbe is a standard feature and does not use an intermediate fluid between the diaphragms. When an intermediate fluid is used, it has to be compatible with the process liquid. When the diaphragm ruptures, intermediate fluid is mixed with the process liquid and actuates a conductivity probe for rupture indication. With the system's design, there is no risk of cross-contamination of the process liquid, the company says.

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