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Technical Papers - Table of Contents

Article-Technical Papers - Table of Contents

Technical Papers - Table of Contents

If you want to contribute a technical paper, please send a hard copy and IBM electronic format (.txt file, .jpg file, or .gif file only). For more information, e-mail [email protected]. CAD/CAM/CAE Technical Papers
CATIA: On the cutting edge of Internet CAD
by Ralph Springer, IBM Manager of Worldwide CATIA Network Computing of IBM
Java-based "pull" technology lets users access and manipulate any CATIA model using standard Internet browsers.

CoCreate's Engineering Solution Published
by CoCreate
Product development strategies are focusing increasingly on innovation. The most spectacular examples of innovation involve revolutionary new products like the Sony Walkman, which create market leadership for the companies that launch them. More typically, continual innovation on existing product concepts maintains market leadership in the face of competition, while also improving quality and reducing time-to-market.

Transistioning from 2D to 3D design
Published by MICROCADAM
Proper planning is critical in the transition from 2D to 3D solid modeling. In many ways, planning is even more important than when engineers gradually converted from manual methods to 2D computer design in the late 1960's. Today, although less than fifteen percent of CAD work has converted to 3D, the shift is gaining momentum as 3D CAD systems become more powerful, user-friendly, and substantially more affordable.

Electrical/Electronic Technical Papers
Standardized profile for encoders with Profibus-DP
by Dr. R. Hagl of Heidenhain GmbH
There is an ever-increasing demand in the machine and machine tool industry for position encoders which can transmit an absolute position value immediately after switch-on or following an interruption, without the machine axes being traversed.

Electrical equipment recyclers and their products: the real story
by Jason Roberts of Romac
Electrical equipment remanufacturers are often protrayed in a negative light by contractors and OEMs who describe them as "junk" dealers. Yet remanufacturered equipment offers reduced replacement cost, quicker deliver and extended life.

Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals
Matching glass and metal thermal expansion rates key to accuracy of world's largest telescope
When Japan's Subaru telescope starts tracking the universe from the summit of Hawaii's 14,000-ft. Mauna Kea, it expects to have a viewing accuracy or resolving power of 0.2 arcseconds. That means, essentially, that it will be able to pinpoint from Tokyo an object the size of a baseball atop Mt. Fuji, a distance of 100 km.

Radiant Heat Treating
A new, cost-effective technology to heat treat ferrous materials promises higher quality, reduced cycle times and more applications than other comparable methods. Radiant Heat Treating, or RHT, offers numerous advantages over other localized heat treating services, such as induction, flame, laser and electron beam.

Fluid Power and Fluid Handling
Food grade solenoid valves and NSF/FDA regulatory approval
by Paul S. Mangiafico, President of Peter Paul Electronics, Inc.
In the process of developing a component, such as a solenoid valve, for use in food and/or beverage equipment, a first level of approval is the NSF. In essence, the NSF has taken information released by the FDA...a White List of products "Generally Recognized As Safe" (GRAS) in contact with or consumed by the human body.

Components of Linear Open/Closed Loop Systems
by Bruce Besch, Systems Engineering Supervisor, Miller Fluid Power
In the world of fluid power advancements in the areas of electrical controls have opened many new frontiers for the application of hydraulic and pneumatic components. Published Dec. 4, 1997.

Motion Control and Automation
The miniaturization of motor drives: Why and how?
by Mark Borski, Product Manager, ABB Industrial Systems Inc.
The emergence of a fast-growing market for micro drives is due, in large part, to a strong, sustained economy, domestically and internationally.

Material handling in the 21st Century will contend with mechanical dynamics challenges
by Charles Agnoff, Chairman of the Board,INTERROLL Corporation
Many industry spokespersons use the "turn-of-the-century" date as the time to herald a new era of opportunity for the material handling industry.

What to look for when selecting a cable carrier system
by Halley Lavenstein, igus, inc.
The most critical objective of any automated mechanical system is to keep several moving parts working together.

Thermoplastic polyurethane film, sheet and tubing play increasing role in automobile design
by Sam Everett
Safety, comfort and durability demand a versatile, high performance material

Getting the right results from a Rapid Prototyping Service Bureau
by Peter Sayki and Michael Wells
Choosing a rapid prototyping service bureau for the first time is a critical outsourcing decision for any organization, especially in light of just how important the service bureau's role is in assisting timely product design and development.

Thermoforming acrylic sheet
by Grant LaFontaine
Acrylic sheet can be thermoformed using several types of equipment such as vacuum, pressure, or stretching equipment and a variety of heating methods including coiled nichrome wire, metal (cal) rod, hot air ovens, ceramic elements, and quartz tube (nichrome filament and tungsten filament).

Creative Techniques races deadline
by Rick Parker
Designer of custom plastic material handling products meets Ford's Q1 supplier requirements in just four and a half months.

Power Transmission
Understanding non-contact transmission of power and sensor signals
by Tom Rosenberg, Product Line Manager of Balluff
Inductive technology can eliminate slip rings and plugs from the design and maintenance equation.
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