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Slim stepper motor conserves real estate

Slim stepper motor conserves real estate

Increasing rotor diameter and rotor and pole size, as well as using rare-earth magnets allowed engineers to devise a motor that measures roughly half as long, yet produces greater torque. "Though half the length of our 42-mm diameter stepper, it achieves greater torque output," says John Anderson, product manager, PM stepper motors for Airpax.

Originally designed for a tape feeder application in an electronic assembly, series 44M100D permanent-magnet stepper motors measure 44 mm (1.7 inches) in diameter by 12 mm (0.48 inch) in length. The 3.6-degree step angle motor achieves 100 steps per revolution, weighs 80g (2.82 oz), and is available in a bipolar version only. According to the company, the motor (44M100D1B) produces 30 mNm (4.25 oz-inch) pullout torque @150 pps, when driven with a chopper drive (24V dc, 0.4 A/O).

The steppers are aimed at engineers designing electronic assembly equipment, such as component delivery systems and precision-testing instrumentation, who need compact, yet powerful, and precise operation, Anderson adds. Silence also makes it suitable for medical design applications such as in-vitro diagnostic equipment, blood analyzers, medical fluid management, dispensing (IV feeders, peristaltic pumps, pipettes), and medical and pharmaceutical packaging, assembly, and test equipment.

Pricing for 500 units is $9.95. Key specifications include 2W input power per winding and 0.039 Nm (5.5 oz-inches) minimum holding torque. Options include custom mounting/lead egress positions, changes in coil design, and different bearing configurations.

Additional Details...Contact John Anderson, Thomson Airpax Mechatronics LLC, 7 McKee Pl., Cheshire, CT 06410; Tel: (203) 271-6445; FAX: (877) 424-7729; or Enter No. 511.

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