High-Tech Scarecrow Aims to Reduce Bird Damages

A fully autonomous laser bird-control solution saves food supplies without harming birds.

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September 13, 2022

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bird control AVIX Autonomic  - 16.jpg
The AVIX Autonomic Mark II emits a laser beam across predetermined paths to deter birds.Image courtesy of the Bird Control Group

Bird damage is a significant factor impacting production and profit for California farms, stated Bird Control Group, in recent company remarks. The company noted that growers have reported seasonal damages that range from $2 million for blueberries to as much as $49 million for wine grapes, with an average of $4,000 per acre.

To combat this bird threat, Cypress AgriTech, a California-based partner of Bird Control Group, has introduced the AVIX Autonomic Mark II. The device is a fully autonomous system that reduces bird damage by than 70%, the company said. It can be programmed via a user-friendly app to shine a laser beam across predetermined paths and scare birds away 24/7.

The most developed sense in birds is sight, and they perceive laser lights on the green spectrum like physical objects. When the laser moves toward the birds, it triggers their natural fight or flight instinct, and makes them flee, according to Bird Control Group. The laser bird deterrent was developed using a combination of highly precise optics, filtering, and light frequencies.

The lasers approach birds from different angles at random moments and are never predictable so birds do not get used to them. After repeated experiences with the lasers, birds tend to avoid areas where the systems are active.

One system can cover up to 2,500 meters. The company says they require minimal maintenance, only requiring the laser bulb to be replaced every three to five years, depending on the use, and the devices can be easily installed and configured within a few hours. The systems have a modular design that enables easy replacement of all components of the AVIX Autonomic within five minutes and no professional tools or skills are needed.

The systems can be programmed with 150 different patterns and 20 time slots. Each pattern can be assigned to a specific time slot, enabling a variety of bird-repelling patterns at different times of the day. The AVIX Autonomic also offers 2400 individual waypoints, allowing the user to target trouble spots selectively.

The system works for ducks, geese, gulls, sparrows, pigeons, and crows, among others.

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