BEI Duncan Electronics' 8360 Non-Contacting, Through-Hole Position Sensor

DN Staff

April 10, 2010

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BEI Duncan Electronics' 8360 Non-Contacting, Through-Hole Position Sensor

The 8360 Non-Contacting,Through-Hole Position Sensor features 360 degree continuous rotationalcapabilities in a low-profile, through-hole package. Durable packaging makesthe 8360 especially suited for applications in harsh environments such asindustrial vehicles/material handling, agricultural and construction equipment,process controls, marine, aero-defense, energy, robotics, medical systems andvalve actuation. Specific uses includeposition sensing for steering wheel, boom angle, throttling, pivoting, and tractioncontrol. The sensor's hollow shaftdesign allows the customer to mount the sensor around or over the shaft toprovide an ideal solution for applications where a blind shaft is not feasibleand space and sensor mounting flexibility is critical. The hollow shaft packageis less than 16mm thick, allowing easy interface to space restrictedapplications as well as applications where a blind shaft mount is notfeasible. With its thin through-holepackage, the sensor can fit around or over the shaft, offering OEMs and designengineers complete versatility. The 8360 is one of the few though-hole, non-contacting positionsensors available on the market today. The flexible through-hole design combined with the durability andreliability of non-contacting technology and 360 degree continuous rotationalcapability, make it a unique product that will fulfill a wide range of OEMrequirements across many industries and applications.

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