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Video: How Does DRAM Work?

This detailed, well-illustrated video explains the inner workings of DRAM.

Spencer Chin

January 29, 2024

Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRAM (dynamic random access memory) is an important memory used in many computers and other electronics devices. Diy13/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

While many of us complain when a computer program or webpage is slow to load, fewer understand the workings of computer memory that explain why some programs are slower to load than others. This video from Branch Education uses 3D cutaways to explain the inner workings of modern dynamic random access memory (DRAM).

The video starts by briefly talking about DRAM and solid-state drives (SSDs), explaining how both types of memory interact. However, the rest of the video thoroughly explains how DRAMs work, explaining the intricate DRAM cell architecture. The video drills down to the bit level to explain how data is accessed and addressed in DRAMS, providing detailed electrical explanations. The video also explains the manufacturing of DRAM, using the example of how Micron’s DRAM is built. The video briefly mentions at the end the types of DRAM.

You can view the video here and below.

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