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Video: How Are Microchips Manufactured?

Ever wonder how the microprocessor chips in everyday electronics are made? This video explains how.

Spencer Chin

January 25, 2024

Microchip manufacturing
Microchip manufacturing is a complex process with intricate steps and attention to quality control.robh iStock / Getty Images Plus

Silicon microprocessors are the brains behind many of the electronics products and systems we use daily, whether they be our computers or the electronic control systems in our vehicles. We often take these parts for granted as they process upward of millions of calculations per second, but the production of these microchips is anything but routine.

As this video from Xprocess explains, today’s microprocessors contain billions of transistors on a single chip. Major electronics companies build billions of microprocessors annually. Producing these parts is a complex process requiring the melting of crystallized silicon, the production of silicon wafers, cutting and polishing, photolithograpy, and later on, encapsulation.  Because the process is so precise and involves intricate imaging of circuits, attention to maintaining a pure, contaminant-free production environment is essential. Quality control is a priority and emphasized throughout the process.  

View this fascinating video to learn more.

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Spencer Chin

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