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The increasing availability of robotic lawn mowers prompted this homeowner to ditch his lawn mowing service. This video examines whether the experience is worth it.

Spencer Chin

May 5, 2023

With the gardening season now in full bloom, one task most homeowners have to deal with is mowing the lawn. The choice has long been taking the time and effort to do it yourself, or shelling out sometimes steep money to hire a lawn mowing service.

In recent years, another choice has emerged: a robotic lawn mower. These machines, basically Roomba-type machines with blades, can be brought on Amazon, set up in just a few hours, and then put to work. The robotic lawn mower is part of the growing use of technology in gardening.


One homeowner decided to replace his lawn mowing service with a robot. He discusses his experience in this video.

In the following YouTube video, the homeowner talks about his almost two years of experience using a Worx 150 robotic lawn mower. Is it worth it? You’ll need to view the video to find out.


Spencer Chin is a Senior Editor for Design News covering the electronics beat. He has many years of experience covering developments in components, semiconductors, subsystems, power, and other facets of electronics from both a business/supply-chain and technology perspective. He can be reached at [email protected].

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Spencer Chin

Senior Editor, Design News

Spencer Chin is a Senior Editor with Design News, covering the electronics beat.

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