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July 11, 2001

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Web-controlled robot sees all

Friday, September 8, 2000

Imagine being in two places at once and seeing both. No, it doesn't mean being a superhero, but it would help to own the iRobot-LE(TM).

The iRobot-LE is the first web-controlled robot that allows users to have a "physical presence" in two places at once.

Developed by iRobot (Somerville, MA), the iRobot-LE is the first web-controllable domestic robot, introduced to consumers on September 5. According to Jeff Ostaszewski, iRobot-LE representative, it works as a physical web avatar, allowing people to be in two places at once via the Internet. The iRobot-LE uses its moveable head/neck and wheel/flipper features for both real-time panoramic video and two-way audio effects, controlled privately on an owner's webpage. With a scanning sonar sensor, it develops a floorplan of the house, using infrared ranging sensors to climb stairs and avoid obstacles.

To drive the iRobot-LE, owners may usea handheld remote control when in the same room. To "webdrive", owners need only a high speed Internet connection to access a secure webpage, and then click where they want the robot to go. Since it is web-controllable, "You can use this from any place in the world," says Ostaszewski.

The iRobot-LE is currently being sold for $4995, and is expected to be available in early spring 2001.

Visit http://www.irobot.com for more information.

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