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Revolutionizing Robotics: IAM Robotics Harnesses Stäubli CombiTac ConnectorRevolutionizing Robotics: IAM Robotics Harnesses Stäubli CombiTac Connector

IAM Robotics Revolutionizes Robotics with Stäubli CombiTac Connectors - Read More

August 22, 2023

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Discover how innovation meets necessity in the world of robotics with the Stäubli CombiTac connector system. A prime example of its reliability is seen at IAM Robotics, a leading logistics robot company, who has these robots optimize material handling in warehouses. Their autonomous mobile robot platforms, including Swift and Bolt, are powered by CombiTac connectors. With a hot-swappable battery feature, they faced a challenge: finding a connector for high cycles and current. Enter CombiTac, a customizable solution that's changing the game. Download the free report to learn more about this customizable solution. 


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