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Products News

Products News

Power supply

Compact dc/dc power supply modules for use in PC/104 embedded systems accept input voltages from 8 to 30V dc, making them compatible with both 12- and 24-V systems. Output power is provided directly onto the bus connectors, and on an auxiliary connector for external tapping. The family includes a model with two RS232/422/485 serial ports, eliminating the need for additional external boards.

Diamond Systems Corp.,

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Differential PECL output oscillators function with frequencies from 10 to 170 MHz. The PE1100BV series uses a true crystal design for low jitter at 3pS RMS maximum for greater than 70 MHz. Input voltages are 3.3V plus or minus 10% or 5V plus or minus 10%. Standard frequency stabilities are plus or minus 20, plus or minus 25, and plus or minus 50 ppm over the operating temperature range of 0 to 80C. Standard symmetry is 45/55.

Pletronics Inc.,

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Sight flow indicators

Series FIS sight flow indicators incorporate NPT threaded ends per ANSI B2.1. They supply inline, on the spot viewing of a pipeline's contents. The units may be configured with flapper, drip tube, or rotary flow indicators and are rated at 150 psig. Options include socket-weld and silver-brazing connections and double-window assemblies.

Papailias Inc.,

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500 Series 301 pumps use a reverse covered-seal design between the rotor and shaft that eliminates metal exposure to fluids. Phenolic housings and rotors provide high corrosion resistance. Suitable for direct or belt drive, the pumps offer capacities ranging from 0.45 to 13 gpm and pressures up to 25 psi.

Moyno Inc.,

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A 90V radial-leaded resettable fuse now comes in a coated version to accommodate use in large cable electronic boxes and to support higher hold currents. The devices facilitate the provisioning of cable telephony and protect against potentially damaging power faults to cable power passing tap ports and set-top boxes.

Raychem Circuit Protection,

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Check valve

Spring-loaded thermoplastic check valves leverage Viton seals and are assembled in sizes up to 4 inches with socket, threaded, or flanged connections. Rated at 150 psi, the opening pressure of the valve is adjustable without the need for tools across a range of 2 to 15 psi. Since the valves are thermoplastic, no painting or coating is necessary to protect the unit.

Hayward Industrial Products,

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The Smoothline impeller, for use in dual-impeller turbine agitators, has a design that reportedly prevents media entrapment when used in food processing and pharmaceutical applications. It features FDA-approved Teflon gaskets between every joint, and polished-surface finishes to roughness values as fine as 4 to 7 muinches RA. This design disassembles to pass through manways on process vessels. Once inside, it reassembles with a non-metallic strap wrench.


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Bill acceptor

AE2600 bill acceptors for kiosks feature patented, multi-wavelength optical technology which is used to validate and accept bills from 1 to 20 dollars. The product is said to accept torn, faded, wrinkled, or dirty currency, allows users to insert bills in any direction, and protects against counterfeit. It is also said to have low jam rates and a 95% acceptance rate.

Mars Electronics International,

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Cable ties

NO-SLIP(TM) self-locking stainless steel ties are designed for a variety of cable management applications. The products feature a low-insertion-force head design which is said to keep the cable securely fastened regardless of how tightly it is installed. The ties also feature rounded edges for cable and operator safety, and reportedly provide high strength, corrosion resistance, and temperature tolerance.

Panduit - Cable Tie Products,

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Terminal blocks

High temperature Through Hole Technology (THT) headers were developed to save time and cost associated with conventional wave or flow soldering methods. The product features a housing designed with a special heat-resistant plastic that reportedly can withstand up to 260C for 10 seconds, and special integrated "ribs" on the bottom to prevent solder balls and potential arcing.

Phoenix Contact,

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Filter networks

CR(X) Series is a new line of thin-film-on-silicon terminator and filter networks designed to eliminate transmission line effects generated by fast edge rated clock signals, which can result in undesired wave reflections and ringing within the application. Body style options include SOT-23 and SOT-143, in applications including high speed logic, low pass filter, EMI/RFI suppression, ac termination, and clock signal termination.

KOA Speer Electronics,

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Crystal oscillator

S6800 Series TCVCXO sub-miniature, 3V, temperature-controlled, voltagecontrolled crystal oscillators are said to offer designers high reliability in a small footprint for PCMCIA card and wireless applications. The product is said to provide frequency stability of 2.5 ppm max versus temperature, and 0.3 ppm max versus. load, and is housed in a ceramic package with a 3.5- x 6 x 1.7-mm profile.


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Dc drives

The Integral Series(R) combines a pump and integrated brushless dc drive technology into a single, compact unit. The system is constructed with the drive stator interacting directly with the pump. The drive stator operates the pump electromagnetically, with no moving parts or direct contact with the internal pumping components. In addition, the drive control electronics have been removed from the drive stator assembly and can be supplied on a separate circuit board or integrated into an existing circuit board.

Micropump Inc.,

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