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Product News

Product News


Hydel(R) PEI-7 thermoplastic machining stock utilizes graphite microfibers suspended in a polyethermide resin for uniform dissipation of static charges. The hollow graphite microfibers are 1/1,000th the size of conventional carbon fibers. The thermoplastic has a consistent surface resistivity of 106 to 108 ohm/sq, for virtually instantaneous charge decay, and zero residual charge.

AL Hyde, 1 Main St., Grenloch, NJ 08032; FAX (609) 232-1754.

For Information, enter 612

Constrained-layer system

ThermalCore? constrained-layer products offer thermal and acoustic management. The material can be produced with graphite for heat dissipating applications, or aluminum foil, e-glass, or adhesive film for heat insulating applications. Available in coil, sheet, or formed-part, the material provides acoustic barrier properties and corrosion resistance. A variety of metal substrates can be used for the skins including stainless steel, aluminized steel, aluminum, and galvalume.

MSC Laminates and Composites, 2300 E. Pratt Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007; FAX (847) 806-2219.;

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Cast urethane components are produced from a proprietary thermoset PUR formulation. This manufacturing process produces parts that exhibit high impact resistance and low flex fatigue, as well as resist chemical and environmental attack from dust and natural or solvent-based oils. The material's low flex fatigue is consistently maintained even during prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures.

Mearthane Products Corp., 16 Western Industrial Dr., Cranston, RI 02921-3403; FAX (401) 943-8210;

For Information, enter 614

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