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Product News

Product News

Spur gearheads

NEMA size 34 spur gearheads from this company are said to offer a lower cost alternative to more complex planetary designs. The products feature simple clamp-on pinions which are said to allow easy field installation, and provide torque multiplication, speed reduction, inertia matching, and resolution enhancement for dc servo, stepper, and brushless servo motors.

Stock Drive Products, Box 5416, New Hyde Park, NY 11042-5416; FAX (516) 326-8827;

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Stepper/servo brakes

FEB (Front End Brake) is said to be a failsafe, power-off brake designed to be mounted on the front end of stepper or servo motors as a safety feature or for holding loads in place by acting as a parking brake. The brakes are available in NEMA 23 and 34 sizes, offer torque ranges from 4 to 106 in-lbs., and are said to be compact, powerful, and cost-efficient.

Electroid Co., 45 Fadem Rd., Springfield, NJ 07081; FAX (973) 467-5656; www.

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Metric gears

An expanded line of metric gears and accessories is now available from this company. Products available include spur gears, internal gears, screw (crossed helical) gears, helical gears, racks, miter gears, bevel gears, worms and worm gears, and gear couplings. Materials available include case hardened steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, bronze, Nylon, and Duracon.

Quality Transmission Components, 2101 Jericho Tpk., Box 5416, New Hyde Park, NY 11042; FAX (800) 737-7436;

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Belt-driven slides

A series of five belt-driven slides from this company are said to offer speeds of up to 5 m/sec in a wide variety of motor and carriage configurations. The slides, designated as Blue Line 1, Blue Line 3, and ZF 1, 2, and 3, all feature an HTD timing belt and home position switches with a reported accuracy of under 0.1 mm and repeatability of less than 0.2 mm.

Techno-Isel, 2101 Jericho Tpk., New Hyde Park, NY 11042-5416; FAX (516) 358-2576;

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Ac drive control

MAC Series drive controllers are designed to work with most 1-hp or smaller, 115 or 230V ac three-phase induction motors. The product is reportedly capable of a 100:1 speed range, and is also said to operate with constant torque from 0 to 60 Hz and constant horsepower above 60 Hz. The product also incorporates features which are said to increase torque boost during acceleration.

Minarik, 905 E Thompson Ave, Glendale, CA 91201; FAX 818-637-7549;

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Gear reducers

Bravo? cast aluminum-housed worm gear reducers from this company have been expanded to include double reduction ratings in either worm/worm or helical/worm combinations. Both options are said to offer high torque and low speeds in a compact and lightweight package, and can be ordered as Gear+Motor? packages. The product also features impregnated and machined bearing caps with Nitrile seals.

Leeson Electric Corp., Box 241, Grafton, WI 53024-0241; FAX (262) 377-9025;

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Helical drive

Ultramite? Type UJ Screw Conveyor Drives are designed for beltless shaft-mounting applications. The products feature CEMA screw conveyor designs, and are said to provide ratios from 5:1 to 20,000:1, and deliver 0.19 kW to 0.30 kW. The product is available in base-, shaft-, or flange-mounted styles, in five different sizes, and in horizontal or vertical mounting.

Falk, Box 492, Milwaukee, WI 53201-0492; FAX (262) 377-9025; www.

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Dc drives

SIMOREG 6RA70 "DC Master" adjustable-speed drives are said to feature expanded performance characteristics and functionality. The products are available in output ranges from 7.5 to 1000 hp at 500V dc, and extended high-horsepower designs up to 8000 hp. The company says that users need to learn only one system of programming and configuration to operate the full product line.

Siemens Energy & Automation, 3333 Old Milton Pkwy., Alpharetta, GA 30005;

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Brushless motor

ELCOM ST? Size 23 slotted brushless dc servo motors are now available in a standard 2 inch stack length to satisfy specific torque requirements. The motors feature high energy bonded neodymium magnets, and offer continuous output torque up to 49 oz/inch at motor speeds of up to 8,000 rpm and power output of up to 188W. Applications include medical diagnostic devices, computer peripherals, and office automation equipment.

Pittman, 343 Godshall Dr., Harleysville, PA 19438-0003; FAX (215) 256-1338;

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CAM control

ECM010 CAM controllers are designed for use with steppers and digital input servo motors to increase the flexibility of motion control systems. The product is said to be quickly and easy configurable for just-in-time manufacturing and testing operations. It can reportedly be connected to 15 other controllers to coordinate complex multi-axis operations.

Nyden Corp., 2610-B North First St., San Jose, CA 95134-2014; FAX (408) 232-7701;

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Brush motors

This company offers a line of off-the-shelf and custom brush-type motors, gear boxes, and gearmotors for use in appliances, check readers, vending machines, and juke boxes. Torque is said to range from 0.5 to 18 oz-inch of running torque, and 2 to 110 oz-inch of stall torque, in sizes ranging from 16 to 52 mm in diameter, and 19 to 96 mm in length.

Source Engineering, 3400 De La Cruz Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054

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Linear motors

5020 brushless linear motors are designed for use in the packaging, material handling, robotics, and machine tool industries. The product uses 3-phase brushless dc technology similar to rotary brushless motors, but with ring-shaped rare earth magnets arranged in alternating polarity down the length of the shaft.

California Linear Devices, 2236 Rutherford Rd #119, Carlsbad, CA 92008; FAX (760) 603-0049;

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