Most engineers have an interesting story to tell when asked why they decided to pursue an engineering career. Tell us yours!

January 19, 2016

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Why Did You Become an Engineer?

Why did you make the decision to become an engineer? Did your passion start with Tinker Toys and Erector Sets when you were a preschooler? Were you prompted by a love for video games, thinking, “Hey, I’d like to design these things.” Or was engineering your second choice when that acting career just didn’t work out?

We think many of you were born to be engineers. The engineering profession is practically a personality type. Most likely, all of your aptitudes pointed you toward engineering, but you still needed a nudge. Perhaps you were prompted into engineering by a family member or a particularly inspiring teacher?

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We want to know your story and share it with your fellow readers. The more inspiring and/or funny the better, but keep it short and sweet -- about 350 words -- and there’s a likely chance we’ll run it on

In your submission, consider questions such as: What is your favorite design? What was the turning point that led you to engineering? How was engineering present during your childhood?

Send your story to Executive Editor Jennifer Campbell.

Please include:

  • Your Name

  • Engineering Discipline

  • Engineering School

  • Job Title or Role

  • Most Influential Person that Got You Into Engineering

  • Most Memorable Professional Challenge

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