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April 8, 2002

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Power Transmission

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Ball screws

UltraSpeed series 3526 ball screws are designed for high-speed operation at speed ratings of DN=160,000 and above. Available in 16 to 63 mm nominal diameters, the ground ball screws may reportedly reach linear velocity of 4,000 in/min, with lead to diameter ratios of 0.5:1 to 1:1. Featuring a new ball return system, the ball screws use two-piece precision ball deflectors to reduce friction and increase speed. Steinmeyer Inc., www.steinmeyer.com. Enter 617

Modem PMC card

The Emerald EMC-2000 multi-axis motion controller now includes the Modem PMC card option, intended to fit inside the Emerald Controller. The system offers V.90/56K modem and a remote interface for Emerald Development Environment (EDE) software tools. According to the company, remote PC software drivers are also available. Industrial Indexing Systems, www.iis-servo.com. Enter 618

Motion control kit

The Motion Control Developer's Kit for the PCI bus is de-signed for brushed, brushless, stepper, and microstepper applications. The kit includes a PCI motion control board with PMD Pilot or Navigator chip-set, cables, manuals, and a CD-ROM with PMD's Pro-Motion(TM) and C-Motion(TM) Library graphical user interface. Multiple Developer Kit PCI Boards may reportedly be installed to within 10 mus. Performance Motion Devices - PMD, www.pmdcorp.com. Enter 619


Engineered with a ball bearing system, the High Load Ultran(R) Slide uses magnetic coupling strength to move large loads quickly and safely. Because slides are pre-lubricated, they reportedly offer leak-free construction and maintenance-free travel. Slides are available in bore sizes of 1-1/16, 1-.25, and 1-.50 inch, with a variety of stroke lengths. Bimba Manufacturing Co., www.bimba.com. Enter 620

Servo drive

The DC201E25A20NAC servo drive, part of the CANopen digital servo drives, is designed to use the CANopen communication portal in networking applications, such as robotic systems, medical equipment, semiconductor fabrication equipment, and material handling equipment. Offering 25A peak and 12.5A continuous output capability, the drive has a 120V ac single-phase supply voltage. Advanced Motion Controls, www.a-m-c.com. Enter 621


According to the company, the Red Power II V-belt line is constructed to be maintenance-free with higher horsepower than standard V-belts. Designed with the company's S=C plus manufacturing method, the wrapped V-belt can reportedly minimize the number of belts needed for a load. V-belts are made to eliminate retensioning and provide 97% efficiency. They are available in 3, 5, and 8V cross-sections. Optibelt Corporation, www.optibelt.com. Enter 622

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